The Theology of Heinrich Bullinger

Many years ago I began corresponding with W. P. Stephens, author of many studies on both Zwingli and Bullinger. Almost simultaneously Joe Mock and I also began corresponding and a true friendship developed, with both of them.

Joe and I finally met in the flesh in 2014 at the Calvin Conference in Zurich. Meanwhile, Professor Stephens was beginning work on a new project titled ‘The Theology of Heinrich Bullinger’.

As Prof. Stephens experienced the onset of many age related issues he became concerned that his book would be left unfinished, so he emailed Joe (whom he had also been corresponding with) and asked if we might be willing to see the volume to its completion, whatever the stage it happened to be in should he pass.

We both immediately agreed and set to work on the manuscript.

In February the three of us met in Zurich during the Zwingli conference and discussed many aspects of the work as well as which publisher might be best placed to bring it to the public.

In March it was decided that Vandenhoeck and Ruprecht would be ideal. Herman Selderhuis quickly welcomed the project to the Reformed Historical Theology series which he oversees and compiling the volume continued apace.

Then, tragically, Prof. Stephens died in early April of this year and Joe and I were left to conclude the work.

Today the final contract arrived. The volume is in the very capable hands of the publisher, and it should soon appear on their website for pre-order.

I hope you will read it if Reformed theology is of interest to you. It is an exceptional volume: not because of Joe and I, but because Prof. Stephens was such a brilliant scholar.

This volume will stand as his memorial. And it is worthy of doing so.

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I am a Pastor, and Lecturer in Church History and Biblical Studies at Ming Hua Theological College.
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