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LXX Scholar Interview: Dr. Peter J. Gentry Discusses His New Critical Edition

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Within a discipline as small and technical as Septuagint scholarship the definition of “exciting news” starts to look pretty odd to the typical person on the street. But for those of us involved in…

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Not Christian, Not Prophet

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They Really Haven’t

The reasoning is circular. All the find really tells us is that there was a conflagration. The evidence doesn’t tell us who did the burning nor when, firmly, it took place. Of course facts never get in the way of … Continue reading

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Peter Opitz’s Bio of Zwingli is Now Available in French


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The Zwinglis

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New Essays By Avraham Faust

Faust, 2019, ‘The Inhabitants of Philistia’: On the identity of the Iron I settlers in the periphery of the Philistine Heartland, Palestine Exploration Quarterly 151: 105-133. Faust, A., 2019, A Social Archaeology of the Kingdom of Judah, in A. Yasur-Landau, E. Cline … Continue reading

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The Theology of Heinrich Bullinger

Many years ago I began corresponding with W. P. Stephens, author of many studies on both Zwingli and Bullinger. Almost simultaneously Joe Mock and I also began corresponding and a true friendship developed, with both of them. Joe and I … Continue reading

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Pray for Hong Kong

Things are getting grim.

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Christians and the State

Christians may belong to whatever political party their conscience can bear. But no Christian can give their highest loyalty to any party, whether Democrat, Republican, Independent, Communist, Green, Lib Dems, Tories, UKIP, or any of the rest. Our highest loyalty … Continue reading

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On the Preaching Office

It’s always bemusing to see people who have not been called to preach telling people who have what they should be saying.  As though these preachers are so bereft of the Spirit that they need additional guidance in order to … Continue reading

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News from This Year’s CBA Annual Meeting

Among other things: Annual General Meeting: Starting next year, CBA will begin the 3-host cycle where there will be only three host sites: Catholic University of American in Washington, DC, Creighton University in Omaha, Nebraska, and Santa Clara University in Santa … Continue reading

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Today With Zwingli

The disputation at Baden was the Old Church’s reply to the Zurich disputations of 1523. The conditions were exactly reversed. The friends of the Reformation packed the former, the opponents of it the latter. The immediate occasion of it was … Continue reading

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Two Birds With One Stone, As it Were…

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