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Quote of the Month

“Terrible things are happening outside… poor helpless people are being dragged out of their homes. Families are torn apart; men, women and children are separated.” – Anne Frank (Jan 13, 1943)

Who would have ever imagined that our own government’s actions would mirror the actions of the Nazis.  Yet here we are.


Signs of the Times

Not Just in Spare Time…

The ‘History’ Channel…



Child dies after being left in car at grocery store

Stop Distorting Romans 13

‪God gives us ‘government’ not particular governors. We choose those ourselves, and usually we choose badly. #StopDistortingRomans13 ‬

America Under the Thumb of the Health Insurance Cabal

And this is what we get.  An old man so desperate because of the failure of our government to ignore lobbyists that he kills his wife and himself.

This is on the heads of all those greedy people in Congress and in the insurance industry.

Big News: Volumes in the ‘Orbis Biblicus et Orientalis’ Series Are Now Available Online, Free


August 9- #BookLoversDay

Me too, Desiderius, me too-  even if the meme maker doesn’t know how to spell your name…

Personal Space Matters

Nearly Half of My Life the USA Has Been At War

And for some of you, your entire life has seen the USA at war…  and that’s ridiculous.

I was born in 1960, which means that 46.6% of my life my country has been in a conflict.  Children born in 2001 and since have lived their entire lives in war.  It’s obscene.

Joe Zias on Crucifixion

An excellent essay on the ASOR website you’ll want to read.

Crucifixion and the cross continue to fascinate religious believers and non-believers alike. But the history of both remains poorly understood.

Archaeologists, biblical scholars, and others have long pointed to the “crucified man from Giv‘at Ha-Mivtar” as the earliest, indeed only, evidence of crucifixion. But they have consistently failed to point out that what appears to be the only direct evidence of crucifixion in the ancient world is, in fact, a fragmentary and heavily restored calcaneum, or heel.