Brunner on the Bible

Is everything true that is to be found in the Bible? Let me draw a somewhat modern analogy by way of answering this question. Every one has seen the trade slogan “His Master’s Voice.” If you buy a phonograph record you are told that you will hear the Master Caruso. Is that true? Of course! But really his voice? Certainly! And yet — there are some noises made by the machine which are not the Master’s voice, but the scratching of the steel needle upon the hard disk. But do not become impatient with the hard disk! For only by means of the record can you hear “the master’s voice.” So, too, is it with the Bible. It makes the real Master’s voice audible, — really his voice, his words, what he wants to say. But there are incidental noises accompanying, just because God speaks His Word through the voice of man. Paul, Peter, Isaiah, and Moses are such men. But through them God speaks His Word. — Emil Brunner

One thought on “Brunner on the Bible

  1. Milton Almeida - The Grace Ambassador 2 Aug 2016 at 10:39 am

    I shared this on Facebook. It is the best analogy ever! Dr. John Hasselink, fellow professor contemporary with Emil Brunner, speaks very highly of him but feels sad that he is not “that” well known. So, I asked my buddy John Hesselkin III, his son, to convey the message to him that at least some of us are interested and love Brunner’s work. Dr. John is on his high 80’s now, but is a person with whom I had the honor to have a personal relationship when I lived in Holland Michigan (where he still lives). He always spoke very highly of Brunner and his (Dr. John’s) attempt to reconcile him personally with Karl Barth… So, the man is a walking history book!


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