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25 Volumes of Important (I Just Can’t Force Myself to say ‘Deep’) Hebrew Bible Studies

Here’s an opportunity to expand your library that you won’t want to miss: a superb set of OT resources from T&T Clark/Bloomsbury, The Library of Hebrew Bible/Old Testament Studies: 2016 (25 vols.), is currently on pre-order. But why should you care about this collection?

Because often some of the most essential research in biblical studies is being done outside of commentaries and in highly specialized monographs. This collection is the best of T&T Clark’s 2016 offerings from their Library of Hebrew Bible/Old Testament, and you would be remiss to let the savings pass you by.

Many of the authors in this collection may be relative unknowns outside of academia, at least compared to the “big” names we hear of all the time. That is no reason to doubt their capacity to deliver world-class research with the potential to change the course of scholarship in their particular specialty.

Furthermore, a number of these volumes are collections of essays from prominent sessions at some of the key academic conferences in the world.

Some of the standout volumes in this collection include:

  • Johanna Stiebert, First-Degree Incest and the Hebrew Bible: Sex in the Family
  • James G. Crossley and Jim West (eds.), History, Politics and the Bible from the Iron Age to the Media Age
  • April D. Westbrook, ‘And He Will Take Your Daughters…’: Woman Story and the Ethical Evaluation of Monarchy in the David Narrative
  • Benjamin D. Giffone, ‘Sit At My Right Hand’: The Chronicler’s Portrait of the Tribe of Benjamin in the Social Context of Yehud

If you buy it i’ll sign your copy on your laptop at SBL next year. 😉   I can’t guarantee that Crossley will, but he’s usually agreeable to just about anything.

That’s How To Do It, Parson

More Pentebabbleist Nutbaggery: Country Music Is Used by the Devil to Change Your DNA


Samson and the Lion

Just because I love Dürer’s work and who doesn’t want to see a dude kill a lion with his bare hands?  I bet this one was #CecilTheLion’s ancestor.  Cecil seems to have drawn an unlucky straw…


[NB- all the Cecil talk has made me surly].

Meanwhile, Boomer Profs Will Be Teaching You Things Instead of Trying to Be Your Home Boy…

Saul’s Two Year Reign

Developing I. Provan’s observation that the kings whose reigns are under impending judgment typically reign for two years in the book of Kings, we propose that Saul’s reign of two years in the MT of 1 Samuel 13:1 can be read as indicative of his failed kingship.

It’s an essay from a few years ago but worth mentioning again.

Politicians I Am Willing to Support

I don’t expect the President, or any elected official, to be the ‘pastor in chief’ but I do expect them, and all politicians deserving of my vote, to be virtuous. If they can’t be that, they don’t have my support. And I honestly don’t understand Christians who set such a low bar that they accept the immoral.‬

Trismegistos: Online Manuscripts

From their twitter page-

Proud to present our new homepage: trismegistos.org!) It features the new Google-style search field, where you can look for anything related to ancient documents using combined searches! We would also like to make a warm appeal to take a look at https://www.trismegistos.org/keeptrismegistosalive

The Death of S.M. Jackson

jacksonSamuel Macauley Jackson, 1851–1912, American Presbyterian clergyman and encyclopedist, b. New York City. He was associate editor in the preparation of the original Schaff-Herzog Encyclopedia (1884) and editor in chief of the greatly enlarged New Schaff-Herzog Encyclopedia of Religious Knowledge (13 vol., 1908–14). He also edited the Concise Dictionary of Religious Knowledge (rev. ed. 1891) and the “American Church History” series (13 vol., 1893–97). Jackson was religious editor of several encyclopedias and dictionaries. He wrote a standard biography of Huldreich Zwingli (1901), part of the “Heroes of the Reformation” series, which he sponsored. He was long the moving spirit of the American Society of Church History and edited its papers.

This is the anniversary of his death.  He was one of the greats.

Brunner on the Bible

Is everything true that is to be found in the Bible? Let me draw a somewhat modern analogy by way of answering this question. Every one has seen the trade slogan “His Master’s Voice.” If you buy a phonograph record you are told that you will hear the Master Caruso. Is that true? Of course! But really his voice? Certainly! And yet — there are some noises made by the machine which are not the Master’s voice, but the scratching of the steel needle upon the hard disk. But do not become impatient with the hard disk! For only by means of the record can you hear “the master’s voice.” So, too, is it with the Bible. It makes the real Master’s voice audible, — really his voice, his words, what he wants to say. But there are incidental noises accompanying, just because God speaks His Word through the voice of man. Paul, Peter, Isaiah, and Moses are such men. But through them God speaks His Word. — Emil Brunner