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Thus says the LORD, Behold, I am bringing disaster upon them that they cannot escape. Though they cry to me, I will not listen to them. Then the cities of Judah and the inhabitants of Jerusalem will go and cry to the gods to whom they make offerings, but they cannot save them in the time of their trouble. For your gods have become as many as your cities, O Judah, and as many as the streets of Jerusalem are the altars you have set up to shame, altars to make offerings to Baal. Therefore do not pray for this people, or lift up a cry or prayer on their behalf, for I will not listen when they call to me in the time of their trouble. — Jer 11.

The NRA and Texas


“When you get 10 pro-2nd Amendment bills to the governor and he signs them all, I would rank it up there with one of the most successful sessions we’ve had.” NRA Texas lobbyist, June, 2019.

Unwanted Sermons and The Loss of Witness

When the Church turned its nose up at sermons like ‘Sinners in the hands of an angry God’ to appease the world, it lost itself.

There’s No Such Thing as a Christian ‘Sex Shop’

In spite of any claim to the contrary.  Sex, for Christians, is the good gift of God to be enjoyed within the context of marriage.  Between two people.  Not one person and artificial products.  The use of implements as a replacement for or substitute for the intimacy involved in authentic expressions of love is fundamentally disordered.

The distortion of sex by substitutionary means is yet another marker of human depravity and the trading in of the good gift of God for a cheap fraudulent inauthentic substitute.

Today With Zwingli: How Eck Faked Knowledge of the Biblical Languages He Didn’t Possess

On August 31, 1526, Zwingli wrote a very gossipy letter full of information, telling how Eck used at Baden the Complutensian Polyglot, which had the Latin version side by side with the Hebrew and the Greek, and so by apparently reading unaided from the Hebrew and Greek got a reputation for learning he did not deserve; and how poor Balthasar Hubmaier, in his examination before the Council, quoted Zwingli’s remarks about catechumens, as showing his former preference to have baptism follow instruction; how he recanted and then withdrew his recantation; and how generously Zwingli treated him, and how basely Hubmaier reviled him when escaped from the city. He closes with some slighting remarks upon Luther: “I think you are too solicitous in the matter of that man who is said to be writing against me in German and Latin on the Eucharist. In nothing do I promise myself a more certain victory.”*

There are a lot of people who pretend knowledge of the Biblical languages that they don’t possess.  And they all use interlinears.

*Samuel Macauley Jackson, Huldreich Zwingli: The Reformer of German Switzerland (1484–1531), Heroes of the Reformation (New York; London: G. P. Putnam’s Sons; Knickerbocker Press, 1901), 276.

Vermigli on the Law and the Gospel

Reformation Italy writes

The Italian Reformer Peter Martyr Vermigli (1499-1562) said that “Whatsoever things are contained in the holy Scriptures should be referred unto two principal heads, the law and the gospel.” (Commentary on the book of Judges, London, 1564, p.1)

In a sermon delivered to theological students at the University of Oxford, Vermigli explained that the two tables of the law make us “shrink in utter terror from transgressing even the least of his commandments” (“Life, Letters, and Sermons”, The Peter Martyr Library, V, p. 302). In fact, our human condition before God is lived out before what his law requires of us. And this is our problem because in Adam, as it pertains the law, we are guilty and corrupt.

And a good bit more.  Give it a look.

Signs of the Times


Trump was supposed to be in Poland this weekend. He said he canceled the trip to monitor Hurricane Dorian. He just choppered from Camp David to his golf course in VA.

What it Looks Like When False Teachers Talk About Theology

Instead of being accurate, they prefer to be crass and imbecilic.  If you’re unsure of why the ELCA is dying, look no further.  Bolz-Weber and her ilk are killing it off as fast as they can.

Quote of the Day

Thus, it seems that original sin is a hereditary depravity and corruption of our nature that ranges over all parts of the soul, which first exposes us to the wrath of God and then produces what Scripture calls “the works of the flesh” (Gal. 5:19). — Institutio 2.1.8

Via Randy *The Calvin Translator* Blackateer

Signs of the Times

From 15 years back…

More Pentebabbleist Nutbaggery: The ‘Prophetess’ Who Controls the Weather

Ket Kerr has a poor track record when it comes to getting natural disasters to heed her commands, but that’s not stopping her from calling upon God to “pull down Satan’s power,” i.e., Hurricane Dorian — which is threatening President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida.

Kerr claims to have a direct line to God. She describes her website The Revelation Zone as a source for “continual revelation on Heaven, the spirit realm” and “how to operate” in the spirit realm. On her Facebook page, which has just over 40,000 followers, she describes herself as a “revelator,” which just another word for “prophet.”

In a Facebook video posted to her page this Wednesday, Kerr declared to her “weather warrior” followers that she and they are now “taking authority over the weather,” which something “we all know Jesus can do.”

“And in case you’re wondering why we even have violent types of weather? Satan,” she said. “He has the ability to jump into these storms or earthquakes because we don’t take our true power over him. But that’s changing.”

According to Kerr, Dorian turning from a tropical storm to a hurricane means nothing because “I have authority over it. I will not tolerate it.”

“I command the hosts of heaven to go in there, right now, and pull down all of Satan’s power which is using this storm, Dorian, to bring destruction.”

Oh pentebabbleists… you are amusing, I give you that.  You’re frauds, liars, fake Christians, and theological ignoramuses, but you are amusing.

Karl Barth: He Wasn’t a Universalist Like Origen. He Was Worse

brunner83Karl Barth has been charged with teaching Universalism. When he denies this he is not altogether wrong. He knows too much about the not particularly illustrious theologians who have taught this doctrine of Apokatastasis in Christian history to be willing to allow himself to be numbered among them. “The Church ought not to preach Apokatastasis” (p. 529). Thus Barth’s doctrine is not that of Origen and his followers.  Rather, Barth goes much further. For none of them ever dared to maintain that through Jesus Christ, all, believers and unbelievers, are saved from the wrath of God and participate in redemption through Jesus Christ. But that is what Karl Barth teaches.  — Emil Brunner

It’s True of Academics Too

Excuse Ideas For Church Skippers

If you’re tired of foisting the same tired excuses on your pastor when you skip services and don’t want to keep saying you’re sick or you’ve had company stop by, try some of these jaw droppers instead.  It’ll make you feel better, put a smile on your Vicar’s face, and, unfortunately for you, not fool God at all.

  • A lion was in my yard and I had to call the police to come get it.
  • My mother had a concussion and she wanted me to take her to the White House to meet Donald Trump.
  • Cows broke down my door and demanded I milk them.
  • Taylor Swift came over for a cappuccino.
  • I was smitten of monkey hepatitis.
  • I had two robbers try to break in and they wanted me to witness to them so I did and they got saved.
  • I needed to change my fish tank water.  The poor little fish kept opening their mouths like they were calling for help.
  • I had an ass fall into a ditch and I had to get it out.  No, really.
  • I fell asleep at 10:45 and miraculously I didn’t wake up until exactly noon.
  • I got married for the 8th time.  Oh, yes, they’re all still my wives.  Didn’t you know, I’m a fundamentalist Mormon.
  • I got drafted by the New England Patriots and they needed me for the game.  You didn’t see me playing?

If none of these excuses work for you, try the truth:  I just didn’t want to go, because something else was more important to me, so I did it.  Worship?  I can do that anytime.  But I couldn’t go see the migration of the butterflies any other time ever.

A Chart of Bible Translations

Fairly often people will ask what translation of the Bible is a good one to read and which to avoid.  In my estimation, the Revised English Bible (REB) is the very best, most faithfully accurate, most reliable, most readable translation.  The other major translations fall somewhere between word for word and paraphrase.

Word for word are helpful for study, but can be hard to read.  Paraphrases are the least helpful, as they are not true translations but editions of the bible produced by people who are simply paraphrasing what they think the text says.

Thought for thought editions are usually very good as their intention is to communicate what the underlying Hebrew, Greek, and Aramaic texts (the original texts of the Bible) says.

If you are looking for a Bible, try to find one that expresses the intention of the text.  Or better yet, learn Hebrew, Greek, and Aramaic!  😉



Of course none of these are necessary if one will take the time and make the effort to read Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek.

Zwingli’s View of the Apocrypha

An interesting proof of the extent of Zwingli’s reputation is a letter written to him from Ghent by John Cousard, who signs himself in Greek, “Bishop of the Brethren of the Common Life,” lamenting that Zwingli wrote so much in German, and asking him to have his writings in that language translated into Latin! Zwingli replied to it on August 31, 1531, and makes these remarks upon the Apocrypha:

“There are certain considerations which you adduce from the Apocryphal Books. These, I concede, contain some things that are worth reading; yet they never attain to that measure of authority that the Canonical Books have. They are more diluted and feebler, so that they appear rather as imitations of the former Scriptures than written in the peculiar fervour of the fresh spirit.”*

*Samuel Macauley Jackson, Huldreich Zwingli: The Reformer of German Switzerland (1484–1531) (Heroes of the Reformation; New York; London: G. P. Putnam’s Sons; Knickerbocker Press, 1901), 339–340.

What Erasmus Thought of ‘Lutherans’

“All have these five words always on their lips: evangel, God’s Word, faith, Christ, and Spirit, and yet I see many behave so that I cannot doubt them to be possessed by the devil.” – Erasmus in a letter of 1524 to Theodore Hexius.


The FBI Needs to Stop this Lunatic

The Truth About the Monetization of Higher Ed

In two tweets-

The Academic Book Blurb


– ‘___________’s new book on _____________ will change the way the subject is understood for many years to come. I cannot recommend _______________ too highly.’