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The Bible for the Curious
A Brief Encounter
by Philip R. Davies

9781781797433 (Hardback) 9781781797440 (Paperback)

Hardback, 160 pages (6 Illus, 11 maps & charts)
Publication Date: November 2018
Regular Price Hardback: $67.95 / Special Offer Price: $55.00
Regular Price Paperback: $27.00 / Special Offer Price: $22.00

This book is for anyone curious about the Bible: what it is, and what modern research reveals about it. Unlike most textbooks, it has no footnotes, avoids technical discussion as much as possible, and makes no assumptions about religious belief. Its aim is to introduce the contents a way that engages readers critically, and to persuade them that in a modern secular society this collection of ancient writings can still contribute to the way we think about history, philosophy and politics. It is a challenge to both those who regard it as ‘word of God’ and those who dismiss it as obsolete or myth or irrelevant.

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Monotheismus, ein ganz leeres Wort?
Versuche zur Monotheismustheorie Erik Petersons

edited by Giancarlo Caronello


Paperback, 352 pages

Publication Date: November 2018

Regular Price: $55.00 / Special Offer Price: $44.00

Publisher: Mohr Siebeck
Series: Rom und Protestantismus – Schriften des Melanchthon-Zentrums in Rom, 3


The pros and cons of the category of monotheism have been debated intensively in recent research. This concerns a number of areas, such as biblical exegesis, the church history of late antiquity in particular, and systematic theology. Erik Peterson was one of the first to deal with this category in the twentieth century. His theory of monotheism is a critique of monotheism – not just of political monotheism, as the title of his famous book from 1935 states. Protestant and Catholic theologians from the fields of exegesis, dogmatics, patristics and canon law go in search of Peterson’s theories in this volume. ​(German Text)

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