Gun Nut Shoots At Fleeing Suspect, Misses, and Hits an 11 Year Old Girl

An 11-year-old was struck by [sic!] bullet intended for a person who fled a traffic stop on the city’s near northwest side Friday evening.

The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department says when officers conducted a traffic stop in the 2900 block of Barnes Avenue, one of three occupants fled on foot. Police chased on foot after the suspect, who ran through a house.

According to IMPD Captain Dulin Nelson, a neighbor saw the suspect and thought he was a robber, so he fired a shot at him, but missed. Nelson says the bullet traveled across the street, into a residence and struck the child.

The child was transported to Riley Hospital for Children in “stable condition.” She was treated and has since been released.

All three suspects were taken into custody, according to Nelson.

The person who fired the shot is being interviewed and is cooperating with investigators. No charges have been filed at this time.

I hope the family sues Mr Gun Nut for everything they can.

4 thoughts on “Gun Nut Shoots At Fleeing Suspect, Misses, and Hits an 11 Year Old Girl

  1. But let’s not just assume he’s a lousy shot. Shooting at a running person is not easy. Most of those bullets will miss. Then, of course, there’s a bullet going somewhere.

    It’s important that people not think “well, that goober was a bad shot.” No matter what happens at the shooting range where they’re shooting at stationary targets made of paper (hey, does that make them stationery targets?), real people are different. It’s just plain irresponsible to shoot a gun in a populated area.


  2. Ken, the time to think about that is BEFORE you start shooting up your neighbors. Not AFTER.


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