The Lawsuit Against the Reprobate Paige Patterson

Read the legal filing here.  When Patterson was at SEBTS dismantling the faculty and turning our formerly great seminary into a fundamentalist brain-washing enterprise anyone who ever came in contact with him could sense he was evil incarnate.

And he is.  And if you read the complaint, you will realize it too.

Patterson’s defenders either do not know him at all, or they are as evil as he is.

Theological Education Sunday 神學教育主日

A good opportunity!

HKSKH Ming Hua Theological College eNews

Principal Gareth Jones talks about Ming Hua’s mission and achievements ahead of Theological Education Sunday.

Archbishop Paul has authorised Sunday 30th June2019to be Theological EducationSunday.On that day the collections in all the churches and cathedrals of Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui will be committed to theological education atMingHua Theological College.

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Cheer Up, Wretches

“There can be no safety when God is angry: his wrath may come thundering from heaven, and suddenly sink rebellious sinners into hell; and then where is all their honor? When their mortal part lies in the dishonorable dust, and their immortal part suffers in unextinguishable fire” (Thomas Adams, 1652).

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The Condemnation of Origen and His Followers by the Church

The blessed and holy St. Jerome wrote

The books of Origen have been read before a council of bishops and unanimously condemned. The following are his chief errors, mainly found in the περὶ ʼΑρχῶν.

  1. The Son compared with us is truth, but compared with the Father he is falsehood.
  2. Christ’s kingdom will one day come to an end.
  3. We ought to pray to the Father alone, not to the Son.
  4. Our bodies after the resurrection will be corruptible and mortal.
  5. There is nothing perfect even in heaven; the angels themselves are faulty, and some of them feed on the Jewish sacrifices.
  6. The stars are conscious of their own movements, and the demons know the future by their courses.
  7. Magic, if real, is not evil.
  8. Christ suffered once for men; he will suffer again for the demons.

The Origenists have tried to coerce me; they have even stirred up the heathen by denouncing the destruction of the Serapeum; and have sought to withdraw from the ecclesiastical jurisdiction two persons accused of grave crimes. One of these is the woman who was wrongly placed on the list of widows by Isidore, the other Isidore himself. He is the standard-bearer of the heretical faction, and his wealth supplies them with unbounded resources for their violent enterprises. They have tried to murder me; they seized the monastery church at Nitria, and for a time prevented the bishops from entering and the offices from being performed. Now, like Zebul (Beelzebub) they go to and fro on the earth.

You can find them these days at Fuller.

Fun Facts From Church History

Charles V usually spoke in French; but he declared that he would sacrifice any other language, even Spanish or French, yea, one of his states, for a better knowledge of German (Schaff).

Because German is the language of the theologians, no doubt.