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Jerry Falwell Jr: Morally Compromised and Willing to Endorse Trump to Keep His Deeds and Those of His Wife Secret

The Miami Herald has the story.  Falwell is in Trump’s pocket because Trump has dirt on him.  And that, in sum, is Evangelicalism today.

A Short Intro to Calvinism: Hey Hauerwas- Watch This. You’ll Learn Something

You Stan, watch this.

In Which Hauerwas Displays his Profound Ignorance, Again

The Kim Kardashian of the theologians has blathered more bilge it seems.

Few things are as tragic as watching an untalented, and famous for being so, hack say intentionally moronic things simply for the sake of publicity. But there it is.

Jesus is Going to Burn That Flag You Worship

It’s true you know.

In a statement issued through a heavenly representative, the Lord of all creation reminded the nation that he will one day burn all the American flags and also everything else in existence.

“If you’re offended by someone burning an American flag, just remember that one day Jesus is going to burn all of them and also everything else in all creation before He makes all things new,” the angelic messenger said. The angel pointed Christians who were offended by the burning of the symbol of an earthly kingdom to the book of 2 Peter, where the Word of God says that “the heavens will disappear with a roar; the elements will be destroyed by fire, and the earth and everything done in it will be laid bare.”

“So, yeah, flag burning can be a little immature, but just remember: Jesus is going to burn all of the flags everywhere,” the angel added.

To Christians who were triggered by the idea that America won’t last forever, the angel pointed to the declaration by the prophet Daniel that while earthly kingdoms will pass away, “the God of heaven will set up a kingdom that will never be destroyed.”

Daily Encouragement

The Bow of God’s wrath is bent. The Wrath of God is like great Waters that are dammed. You are every Day treasuring up more Wrath. The God that holds you over the Pit of Hell…his Wrath towards you burns like Fire… Worthy of nothing else but to be cast into the Fire. (J.Edwards)

Via Ralph *The Assassin* Keen

It’s Funny Because it’s True

Using VBS as a free babysitting service is why parents who never attend church are happy to send their kids.

And when VBS is over one thing will remain true- the kids won’t be back till next Summer. And their parents won’t bring them till then.

Local mother Karen Pearsall happily announced Wednesday she’s finally managed to sign her kids up for a different church’s VBS for every week of summer.

Every week from June until late August, I found a different vacation Bible school within a 100-mile radius of us,” she said proudly as she sat down at a local restaurant for a mimosa brunch with her girlfriends. “I think they’re over at Second Apostolic Temple of Christ this week? Something like that. I think it’s a cult, but, you know. Whatchyagonnado?”

“I just need a little ‘me’ time,” she said, shrugging.

Throughout the summer, the kids are going to attend three safari-themed vacation Bible schools, one space-themed VBS, four pirate-themed schools, and two Minecraft knockoffs. If last year is any indication, her three children will commit their lives to Christ at least six times before school begins again.

Pearsall admits that the downside is that she has to hear her kids sing dozens of VBS songs that will be stuck in her head until Christmas.

“But that’s the price of freedom,” she said solemnly.

New From Mohr



When You’re Unhinged… You Do Unhinged, Maniacal, Insane Things

Like Greg.  Don’t be like Greg.

Is Greg the worst person in the world?  No.  But he’s in the top 5.

Zwingli and Hebrew

Zwingli wrote to his friend Rhenanus that he intended

… to resume the study of Hebrew,—which he had begun at Einsiedeln,—and so he had ordered from Basel the Rudiments of Capnio, as he styles him who is better known now as Reuchlin, the famous Humanist. But he had made a similar start in 1519, and this time again he probably did not make much progress, for on March 25, 1522, he writes to Rhenanus: “Tell Pellican that I have begun Hebrew. Ye gods, how distasteful and melancholy a study! But I shall persist until I get something out of it.”

He persisted.  And he was successful.  By 1531, shortly before his death, the Zurich Bible was published.  It contained both Testaments, was a translation into German from Hebrew and Greek, and was the result of Zwingli’s efforts along with the other faculty of the Zurich ‘Prophezei’.

Quote of the Day

Jeremiah teaches us, by his own example, that our constancy and firmness ought not to be weakened though the whole world loaded or almost overwhelmed us with reproaches. We ought, then, to understand that courage of mind ought not to fail or be weakened in God’s servants, however wickedly and contumeliously they may be treated by the world. – John Calvin

Zwingli’s Foreword to the ‘Prophet’s Bible’

On 1 March, 1529,the famous ‘Prophet’s Bible’ was published in Zurich by the printer Froschauer.  Naturally it was Zwingli’s task to write the foreword to a work which the learned clerics at Zurich in the Prophezei had produced.  Zwingli states the project’s rationale as follows:

Es sind gar vil wort by den Ebreern, die, so man sy in tütsch vertolmetschet, ir krafft unnd ducht, ir liebliche und schöne gar verlürend oder ye nitt gnuogsam ußtruckend. Uff das nun in sölichem dem Tütschen nüt manglete unnd der ursprünglichen spraach, in deren die propheten gschriben, eygenschafft und ard wol harfürbracht wurde, habend wir zuo zyten, wo es die not erforderet, annstatt des ebreischen ein anders gschoben, doch ein söliches, das die eigenschafft des ebreischen eygentlich zuo verston gebe.

That’s what translations are supposed to do!


The Prayer Which Opened the Daily Sessions of the Prophezei

Omnipotens sempiterne et misericors Deus, cuius verbum est lucerna pedibus nostris et lumen semitarum nostrarum, aperi et illumina mentes nostras ut oracula tua pure et sancte intelligamus et in illud quod recte intellexerimus transformemur, quo maiestati tuae nulla ex parte displiceamus: per Jesum Christum dominum nostrum. Amen.*
*Written by Zwingli

The ‘Prophezei’: The Most Significant Contribution to the History of Theological Education to Come from The Reformation

The first Reformed ‘University’ in the world was founded on the 19h of June, 1525 in Zurich under the name of the ‘Prophezei’.  Of it Schaff writes

A theological college, called Carolinum, was established from the funds of the Great Minster, and opened June 19, 1525. It consisted of the collegium humanitatis, for the study of the ancient languages, philosophy and mathematics, and the Carolinum proper, for the study of the Holy Scriptures, which were explained in daily lectures, and popularized by the pastors for the benefit of the congregation. This was called prophesying (1 Cor. 14:1). Zwingli wrote a tract on Christian education (1526). He organized this school of the prophets, and explained in it several books of the Old Testament, according to the Septuagint. He recommended eminent scholars to professorships. Among the earliest teachers were Ceporin, Pellican, Myconius, Collin, Megander, and Bibliander. To Zwingli Zurich owes its theological and literary reputation. The Carolinum secured an educated ministry, and occupied an influential position in the development of theological science and literature till the nineteenth century, when it was superseded by the organization of a full university.

There is little doubt that the establishment of the Prophezei was the most important and lasting contribution Zwingli made to the history of Christian theology.

Each day of classes began with the following prayer:

Omnipotens sempiterne et misericors Deus, cuius verbum est lucerna pedibus nostris et lumen semitarum nostrarum, aperi et illumina mentes nostras ut oracula tua pure et sancte intelligamus et in illud quod recte intellexerimus transformemur, quo maiestati tuae nulla ex parte displiceamus: per Jesum Christum dominum nostrum. Amen.

Perhaps theological education in our own day could benefit by the sincere utterance of that prayer. Certainly, our own theological work could.

The Prophezei’s Birthday

Don’t worry.  If you aren’t sure what the Prophezei is, today is the day you’ll hear all about it.