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Christophe Chalamet on Barth

Where are the Court Evangelicals and Why Aren’t They Calling this God’s Judgment on Trump Voters?

Because, hypocrisy.  That’s why.  If this were happening to predominately Democratic areas of the country the Trump evangelicals would be declaring it God’s judgment.

then-and-now photo from a western Indiana farmer paints a stark image of the problems Hoosier farmers are facing this spring.

One image shared by Katie Staton shows a man standing in the middle of a corn field in Putnam County, Indiana on June 17, 2018, with corn above his head. The other image was taken exactly a year later in the same cornfield and shows the same man with barely any growth around him.

“These two pictures speak volumes to the crisis American Farmers are facing this spring,” Staton wrote on her Facebook page.

Farmers across the state have been struggling to plant their crops this spring because of the excessive amount of rain. Many fields still remain unplantable across the state.

According to the National Weather Service, Indianapolis has seen higher than average rainfall totals in every month this year except for May, which was slightly below average. The average totals refers to the normal rainfall between 1981-2010.

It’s not just farmers in Indiana that are concerned about wet conditions. The Chicago Tribune reports that less than half the normal amount of corn has been planted in Illinois this year because of wet conditions. WBNS-TV in Columbus, Ohio also reports that local farmers are struggling with wet weather.

“It’s just some food for thought for those who think farmers are ‘rich’ or ‘greedy’ or what have you,” Staton wrote. “It’s the reason food and gas prices will be getting higher as the summer goes on.”

God’s judgment- say the court evangelicals… if it were happening to Democratic voters….

Quote of the Day

“The price of greatness is responsibility.” – Winston Churchill

Total Depravity: The Rapist Pastor

A Westlake pastor stands accused of raping an 11-year-old girl over a two-year period, authorities said.

John Michael Ward, 45, of Westlake, was arrested Monday, June 17, on 10 counts of first-degree rape, 40 counts of indecent behavior with a juvenile and two counts of pornography involving a juvenile.

Calcasieu Parish Sheriff Tony Mancuso confirmed to KPLC that Ward is the pastor of Bellview Baptist Church in Westlake. Ward has been pastor at Bellview since 2012, according to the church website.



Is a country where a dad shot his daughter 6 times because they argued over the placement of a baby gate.

Tell me again how horrible the Taliban are and how godless their violent criminal punishments are and then explain how Americans with guns are any different.

A Nice Review of Our Book, ‘From Zwingli to Amyraut’

Get your own copy here.  With many thanks to Hywel Clifford for passing it on.

Racist Political Red Meat, The Condemnation of Jesus of It, And Hellfire

If your political red meat is the racism of ‘deporting the foreigners’, you cede any and every right to call yourself a Christian. Because you are not a Christian. Your destination is hell. And here’s the proof- Matthew 25:43, 46.

It simply could not be more clear.

The Latest Number

The New Motto of this Country Should Be ‘Monetizing Tragedy’

‘Monetizing tragedy’. That should be the motto of this country now. They should put it on money in place of ‘in God we trust’. Not only because we do not trust God, but because we find a way to monetize even tragedy. And we do it with glee. #TheLevelOfOurDepravity

‘Kill The Dragon!’

That’s one of a number of things that the crowd that assembled outside Zwingli’s house on the 15th of June, 1525 said of him.  They bombarded his house with eggs and stones and the government had to step in to squelch the escalating violence.

Who were these ‘peace loving’ Christians?  The adherents of the Anabaptist sect of course.  As they marched to his house from the Zurich suburb of Zollikon they shouted ‘Woe, woe, woe to Zurich, and as Jonah said, in 40 days the city will be destroyed’.  ‘The dragon must be slain’ (the tale of which is nicely related by Oskar Farner in his stunningly thorough biography of Zwingli).

Of these radicals Schaff notes

The Radical movement began in Zurich in 1523, and lasted till 1532. The leaders were Conrad Grebel, from one of the first families of Zurich, a layman, educated in the universities of Vienna and Paris, whom Zwingli calls the corypheus of the Anabaptists; Felix Manz, the illegitimate son of a canon of the Great Minster, a good Hebrew scholar; Georg Blaurock, a monk of Coire, called on account of his eloquence “the mighty Jörg,” or “the second Paul;” and Ludwig Hätzer of Thurgau, chaplain at Wädenschwyl, who, with Hans Denck, prepared the first Protestant translation of the Hebrew Prophets, and acted as secretary of the second Zurich disputation, and edited its proceedings. With them were associated a number of ex-priests and ex-monks, as William Reubli, minister at Wyticon, Johann Brödli (Paniculus) at Zollicon, and Simon Stumpf at Höng. They took an active part in the early stages of the Reformation, prematurely broke the fasts, and stood in the front rank of the image-stormers. They went ahead of public opinion and the orderly method of Zwingli. They opposed the tithe, usury, military service, and the oath. They denied the right of the civil magistracy to interfere in matters of religion. They met as “brethren” for prayer and Scripture-reading in the house of “Mother Manz,” and in the neighborhood of Zurich, especially at Zollicon.

He then observes, very correctly,

Zwingli could not follow the Anabaptists without bringing the Reformation into discredit with the lovers of order, and rousing the opposition of the government and the great mass of the people. He opposed them, as Augustin opposed the schismatical Donatists. He urged moderation and patience. The Apostles, he said, separated only from the open enemies of the gospel, and from the works of darkness, but bore with the weak brethren. Separation would not cure the evils of the Church. There are many honest people who, though weak and sick, belong to the sheepfold of Christ, and would be offended at a separation. He appealed to the word of Christ, “He that is not against me, is for me,” and to the parable of the tares and the wheat. If all the tares were to be rooted up now, there would be nothing left for the angels to do on the day of final separation.

It is my own view that had the Anabaptists been reasonable, rational, theologically educated, and more concerned with real reform than a mere break with Rome, they could have contributed positively to the developments of the 16th century Reformation. Instead, their paths led to the disaster of Münster and the lunacy of the Peasants War.

It’s True

I’ve noticed that when people say “So-and-So” is a better preacher, they almost always mean the enjoyable delivery of the messenger, not the doctrinal fidelity of the message. – Michael Svigel

Evil Rulers Have Evil Advisers

KUL 23.4.
Ausstellung “Der Luthereffekt” in Berlin.
Martin Luther im Kreise von Reformatoren, 1625/1650

It is impossible that where a prince or potentate is ungodly, his counselors should not be ungodly. As is the master, such are also his servants. This follows necessarily and certainly. Solomon says: “A master that hath pleasure in lying, his servants are ungodly;” it never fails. — Martin Luther

Amen and Amen

“Every expression of God’s anger falls like a drop of scalding lead into a man’s eye; the conscience of the believer, when once awakened, feels every frown of God like as an hell” (Anthony Burgess, 1651).

Via Ralph *The Vindicator* Keen

If You Like Open Access Religious Studies Books…

And you’re on twitter, this will be of interest to you:

Liberty U is Decimating its Divinity Program

Of course it is.  There’s little of Christianity left at the school in the wake of Falwell’s trumpian sycophancy.

A dozen faculty members at Liberty University’s Rawlings School of Divinity learned at the end of May they would not have their contracts renewed, representing significant cuts to the on-the-ground instructional work force of the Christian university in Lynchburg, Va.  …

Those changes haven’t been widely publicized, nor have they been universally well received by those who care about Liberty. Some of those let go were well-loved professors who’d been at Liberty for over a decade. The terms of their departures include offers of severance and also nondisclosure agreements. …

Circumstances surrounding the divinity changes drew attention from a range of people who are or who have been affiliated with Liberty University, several of whom agreed to speak with Inside Higher Ed on a condition of anonymity. Some pointed out the timing of the nonrenewals came long after the academic hiring cycle’s peak, potentially making it difficult for affected professors to find full-time employment. Others wondered about the use of nondisclosure agreements, which academic freedom experts view with skepticism.

Affected professors either did not respond to requests for comment or declined to comment when contacted. Some divinity school faculty members had acknowledged the cuts in public postings on social media, however.

“I was brought into a room and informed that my position is being terminated (along with those of 11 other faculty in the School of Divinity) as part of a ‘restructuring’ of the SOD,” read one post from a longtime faculty member. “When I asked what the criteria were for terminating my particular position, I was not told what the criteria were but what they weren’t. My position was not terminated based on performance, ethics, student feedback or anything personally related to me or how I impacted the university.”


Liberty is a business, not an institution of higher education (if it was ever that to begin with).

Fun Facts From Church History: The Role of the Septuagint in the Zurich ‘Prophezei’

S.M. Jackson writes

zw941.jpgZwingli showed his ambition for an educated clergy by establishing a theological seminary as soon as funds were available, which was in the summer of 1525. A call was given to a teacher of Greek and Hebrew, and Zwingli himself took part in the work. The text-book was the Bible. Instruction began at eight o’clock in the morning.

One teacher read the Hebrew text and translated it into Latin with a brief interpretation. Then Zwingli translated the same text from the Greek of the Septuagint into Latin. Leo Jud then commented in German upon what had been read, and explained in Latin.

This theological seminary was attended not only by regular students but by the clergy of the city, and Leo Jud’s lectures by the people generally. Instruction from the Greek New Testament was given in the afternoon at three o’clock by Myconius. That Zwingli set up for himself a high standard is shown by his writings, and he was able to impress this standard upon others. He called his institute “The Prophecy.”

This institution was the first ‘Reformed University’ in the world and the fore-runner to the rightly esteemed University of Zurich even now in operation. And the Septuagint played a central role in the education of the Reformed Clergy of Zurich (and beyond).