New Project Announcement: Stamp Seals from the Southern Levant

Ido Koch announces the commencement of a new project:

Stamp Seals from the Southern Levant: A Multi-faceted Prism for Studying Entangled Histories in an Interdisciplinary Perspective

A SINERGIA research project funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation [CRSIIS_La6426]

The project is co-directed by Christoph Uehlinger (Zurich), Silvia Schroer (Bern), Stefan Münger (Bern) and yours truly. Our interdisciplinary, collaborative and multi-site project focuses on ancient stamp seals as a key medium for the study of second and first millennia historical entanglements in the Southern Levant. It engages a board of directors and an additional team of postdoc researchers and PhD students, an ICT technician, draftsperson(s) and student assistants.

There are several PhD and PostDoc positions open for application, in Zurich, Bern, and Tel Aviv, and I would be most grateful if you would spread the word. Please note, application deadline is July 1, 2019, 24:00 CET. See attached CSSL factsheet for further details.

CSSL_factsheet+researchjobs_June 2019