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New Charity Builds Mansions for Needy Prosperity Gospel Heretics

A new charity called “Habitat for Heretics” aims to build giant mansions for impoverished prosperity gospel preachers.

Drawing on billions of dollars in donations, the efforts of volunteers, and the generosity of local construction firms, Habitat for Heretics builds brand-new multi-million-dollar homes for preachers who go around the world peddling a false gospel for monetary gain. The houses are customized to the needs of the preacher, whether that pastor needs a giant study to work on their false messages every week or a dojo to practice slaying people in the Spirit. Expert construction workers volunteer time, labor, and materials to build custom jet hangars, 24-car garages, and lavish pools and hot tubs for the nation’s most impoverished, oppressed charlatans.

“There are dozens of prosperity gospel preachers who only have one or two sprawling mansions,” said the foundation’s creator, who looked suspiciously like Benny Hinn in a false nose and mustache disguise. “Our organization will provide these poor, needy souls with the giant abode they need to really start living their best life now.”

The organization selects preachers based on need, starting with those who only have three mansions and working their way up.

“Take a look at a guy like Kenneth Copeland: he only owns one airport and was forced to buy a jet from Tyler Perry at a discount price,” said HFH founder. “If that guy is not in need of compassion and charity from a foundation like ours, I don’t know who is.”

If you know a prosperity gospel preacher who doesn’t even own two mansions, contact Habitat for Heretics and let them know.

Calvin at Prayer

Grant, Almighty God, (since we are nothing in ourselves, and yet we cease not to please ourselves, and so are blinded by our vain confidence, and then we vainly boast in our virtues, which are worthless,) that we may learn to put off these perverse affections. May we so submit to thee as to depend upon thy mere favour: may we know ourselves, to stand and be sustained by thy strength alone: may we learn so to glorify thy name that we may not only obey thy word with true and pure humility, but also earnestly implore thy assistance, and distrusting ourselves, may rely upon thy favour as our only support, until at length thou gatherest us into thy heavenly kingdom, where we may enjoy that blessed eternity which has been obtained for us by thine only-begotten Son—Amen.

Men In Black International: My Review

I saw it this afternoon.   Skip it.  It’s not as good as any of the previous installments in the series.  Sadly, it’s not even as good as a movie featuring Jar Jar Binks if  Jar Jar Binks were a movie all to himself.

Our Only Comfort in Life and Death

The Heidelberg Catechism states-

Question 1. What is thy only comfort in life and death?

Answer. That I with body and soul, both in life and death, am not my own, but belong unto my faithful Saviour Jesus Christ, who, with his precious blood, hath fully satisfied for all my sins, and delivered me from all the power of the devil; and so preserves me that, without the will of my heavenly Father, not a hair can fall from my head; yea, that all things must be subservient to my salvation: and therefore, by his Holy Spirit, he also assures me of eternal life, and makes me sincerely willing and ready henceforth to live unto him.

Ursinus offers this exposition:

The question of comfort is placed, and treated first, because it embodies the design and substance of the catechism. The design is, that we may be led to the attainment of sure and solid comfort, both in life and death. On this account, all divine truth has been revealed by God, and is especially to be studied by us. The substance of this comfort consists in this that we are ingrafted into Christ by faith, that through him we are reconciled to, and beloved of God, that thus he may care for and save us eternally.

I don’t know how familiar you are with this Catechism but it is so very good- so very meaningful.  I love it.  So I’m going to share bits of it for a few weeks.  I hope at the very least you’ll be encouraged to read it for yourself.

Chalamet on Barth

Give this a listen if you can.

Five PhD Slots

In October 2019, KU Leuven will launch the interdisciplinary research project “Innovation through Education: Pioneering Change in Law and Theology in Louvain’s Golden Age”. The call for 5 PhD positions within the project is now open.

5 PhD Scholarships in Early Modern Book History, Theology and Legal History

A Political History of the Bible in America

A review copy of this important work arrived some time back.  I’ve completed the review and sent it along to Reading Religion for editorial exam and posting.  You will be able to find the review there when they post it.  Here, I will simply share my concluding paragraph:

This is a book whose message needs a fresh hearing today.  Desperately.  Our fractured and fragmented historical moment in the United States needs a fresh injection of a willingness to allow differences to exist without hostility or acrimony.  Hanson’s work, in sum, is more than simply relevant, it is critically important.

Signs of the Times

Carroll&McDowell circus has gone to Russia

Roberta is awesome.

Roberta Mazza

Optimized-IMG_1235 Image freely available to access and download at http://spbcu.ru/en/scripctoriom-with-scott-carroll/optimized-img_1235/

My favourite duo, Scott Carroll and Josh McDowell, is still around; this time, they went to Russia pretending as usual to be manuscript experts. Incredible as it may seem, there are people happy to join their show. The Larsons are still gifting Torah scrolls to Christian colleges, in Russia too, in order to save money on their tax-returns, etc. etc. In short, the circus is flourishing, despite the fiasco with the Green family and their Museum.

I do not understand how it is possible for the duo to be free to deliver their performances after what we have learnt. Perhaps I just have to accept that culture, integrity and  world cultural heritage protection are not political or police enforcement priorities, unless terrorism and war are openly involved, as in that case they produce good cash in terms of media exposure…

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European Academy of Religion Keynote Lecture


With the choice of this topic we wish to highlight the powerful effect religion has on public and personal life and that this effect relates to all fields of life such as fashion, politics, art, leisure, art, ethics and science.  The relation between power and religion tends to be seen merely negatively, yet history and the present demonstrate also how religion can positively have a powerful effect on individuals and societies.

All in all EuAre 2020 has a fascinating and highly relevant overall topic.

Herman Selderhuis, President of the European Academy of Religion, Theologische Universiteit Apeldoorn

Quote of the Day

It is normal for Christians to be hated by the majority of men, for the flesh cannot endure to have its vices reproved ~ Calvin

Stop Child Abuse: Join the #PurpleSummer Campaign