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Public School Teachers Are Modeling a Satanic System… According to a Tennessee Republican

A legislative appointee of Republican Tennessee House speaker Glen Casada says public education is a “satanic system” and calls President Donald Trump and Pope Francis “anti-Christs.”

WTVF-TV reports research analyst Scott Alan Buss said in a 2015 blog post that Christians who teach in public schools are “modeling a satanic approach to the pursuit of knowledge.” Buss also said in an online video an education system built on that approach “cannot be repaired. … It has to be torn down.”

A 2016 post by Buss calls the president and the pope “wicked fools” and “anti-Christs.”

House Democratic leader Mike Stewart says Buss’ hiring “is extraordinarily disappointing, but unfortunately not surprising.”

Apparently you have to be unhinged to be a Republican these days.

Lest We Forget…

This is how racists treat American citizens when they can get away with it:

This is Franklin Graham’s Idol

This man

Trump was supposedly going to a church in Virginia to offer his support after the Virginia Beach shooting, but instead, he showed up in his golf attire stood there and said nothing.

According to the White House pool report as provided to PoliticusUSA:

The motorcade arrived at McLean Bible Church at about 2:20 p.m., and the president entered. The White House passes along the following statement from Judd Deere:

“President Donald J. Trump is visiting McLean Bible Church in Vienna, VA, to visit with the Pastor and pray for the victims and community of Virginia Beach.” Judd Deere.

Trump did nothing to show his support for the victims.

Via the White House pool report:

POTUS stood on the stage behind the pastor. He was wearing khakis and a jacket over a polo shirt and holding a golf hat. The crowd greeted him with applause.

The pastor noted there had been calls to pray for the president on this day and offered a prayer.

This is Franklin Graham’s idol…

Prove Me Wrong

The insurance industry is nothing more than a government endorsed ponzi scheme. Prove me wrong.

Quote of the Month

Enter by the narrow gate. For the gate is wide and the way is easy that leads to destruction, and those who enter by it are many. For the gate is narrow and the way is hard that leads to life, and those who find it are few.” – Jesus

Don’t Go to Strip Clubs- Especially When You Have Kids on a School Trip

Seems like that would go without saying. Seems not…

A Louisiana Catholic school principal has been arrested after visiting a strip club while on a school field trip to the nation’s capital.

Diocese of Baton Rouge spokesman Dan Borne says Michael Comeau was arrested on Thursday in Washington, D.C., where he was with students from Holy Family Catholic School, a K-8 school in Port Allen.

According to an arrest report, officers were dispatched to Archibald’s Gentlemen’s Club on a complaint about “an intoxicated man refusing to pay his bill.” The Advocate reported the 47-year-old faces charges of public intoxication and possession of an open container of alcohol. It was unknown if he has an attorney.

Borne said Comeau has resigned. An interim principal will be appointed.

Comeau also resigned from his position as a reserve Brusly Police officer.

Signs of the Times

The Church In America Isn’t Dying, Fake Christianity Is

The truth is, it isn’t the Church that is ‘dying’ because ‘christians’ in name only are leaving. It is pretend Christianity that’s dying. And it needs to.

With every passing day those who pretend faith for political advantage are exposing the truth about themselves by their deeds and their kindred spirits are leaving the church because they have gotten what they want from it: legitimacy.

Their departure is not unwelcome.

Luther’s Response to Philip of Hesse’s Bigamy

If somebody should ask, ‘Does that deed please you?’ I would reply, ‘No!’ If I could change it I would. If I can’t change it I’ll bear it with equanimity. I commit it to the dear Lord. May he preserve his church as it now stands, that it may remain in the unity of faith and doctrine and a sound confession of the Word. Only may it not become worse!” Then he rose from the table with a very cheerful countenance. “I don’t want to do the devil and all the papists the favor of worrying about it,” he said. “God will make it turn out well. To his keeping I commit the whole business.” –  Martin Luther

That’s a good attitude to have towards just about everything.

God Isn’t What You Think

Karl Barth’s Romans is getting noticed in the Swiss press on the 100th anniversary of its publication.  And that’s the 1919 first edition.  The one Americans never read because it was never translated.  They read the later 2nd edition which was radically re-written so that the two editions are essentially two different books.


Attending Church Helps you Live Longer

And this study proves it:

A recent study by Vanderbilt University professor Marino Bruce has found that people who attend religious services live longer and are less stressed. The findings held true across faith traditions, said Bruce, the associate director of Vanderbilt’s Center for Research on Men’s Health, in a video posted to the university’s YouTube channel.

“We found in our study that actually attending church is actually good for your health, particularly for those who are between the ages of 40 and 65,” said Bruce, who also is a Baptist minister.

Specifically, the study says those middle-aged adults who go to church, synagogues, mosques or other houses of worship reduce their mortality risk by 55%. The Plos One journal published the “Church Attendance, Allostatic Load and Mortality in Middle Aged Adults” study May 16.

“For those who did not attend church at all, they were twice as likely to die prematurely than those who did  who attended church at some point over the last year,” Bruce said.

See you Sunday.