The May 2019 Biblical Studies Carnival – Carnival # 160

Thanks, Claude!

Dr. Claude Mariottini - Professor of Old Testament

The May 2019 Biblical Study Carnival presents a selection of some outstanding posts published during the month of May by Bibliobloggers. “Biblioblogs are blogs which deal primarily with matters concerning academic biblical studies.” The latest “Complete List of Biblioblogs” lists 137 bibliobloggers, but not all of them publish regularly.

The present Carnival mentions twenty-six authors. I have selected several posts by authors who may not have appeared in the Biblical Studies Carnival before. I hope that if you blog about the Old Testament, New Testament, Qumran, or Theology that you will allow bibliobloggers know more about your posts so that readers may become acquainted with the work you are doing.

Future hosts for the Biblical Studies Carnival are listed below. Contact them and let them know what kind of work you are doing and share with them some of the outstanding posts you have written.

So, without much ado, here…

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