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Ancient Near East Today…

Is by far the best ‘biblical archaeology’ (and so much more) magazine out there. If you’re going to subscribe to an archaeology magazine, pick one with a great pair of editors and a bevy of scholars second to none.

You won’t regret it.

Quote of the Day

Via Lloyd Pietersen

Census Schmensus

Well I guess if the census isn’t going to count everyone I just won’t let it count me either. Wretched racist State.

It’s On the Way, Or So They Say

Hurting the NPP

Or something to that effect.  Enjoy.

Americans Are Dumber By the Day

Here’s a graphic showing each State and the most searched word for a correct spelling…

If You Know This Man, Let His Employer Know What Kind of Person He Is

Because this kind of racist wretch doesn’t deserve a job.

A man in the Sacramento area is caught on camera harassing a teenager, accusing her of being in the country illegally.

The video was then posted online. The teenager in the video says the rude, racist comments came out of nowhere.  The man is seen on camera refusing to leave, telling the girl she’ll have to face the cops.  It all happened in broad daylight outside a park and community center popular with local teenagers.  “As a parent and someone in this community obviously that behavior is appalling,” said Jason Jimenez with Elk Grove police.

Jimenez has talked with the teen’s family, saying police have had issues with this man before, but wouldn’t elaborate.  “We would suggest to people that are in incidents like that to quickly call us,” he said.  The man was not arrested and can not be charged with anything in this situation.  Jimenez says an arrest would require some form of violence, like property damage or assault.

The harassment seen in the video is shocking to local mom Alicia Reynhea.  “I was just there over the weekend and if someone were to every approach my son like that, I would be heated,” she said.  Elk Grove police say the man was harassing other people the same day the video was taken, but they are unsure if that was also racially motivated.

Publicity Idea for the Seeker and Emergent ‘Churches’ on Ascension Day

I have an idea for you Emergents and Seekers.  You’re always looking for gimmicks to get people in your cults (since you don’t have the Gospel).  So here’s one:  ‘Ascension Adventures’ where you give hot air balloon rides to people and you talk about the ascension of Jesus!

(Please send royalty checks to me via paypal if you use my idea).

What Happens When the State Becomes the Object of Faith?


That’s doing Christianity wrong.

Quote of the Day


Fun Fact…

Franz Delitzsch started the formal study of Hebrew at age 14. What were you doing at that age?

The Last Days of the Lunatic, Joan of Arc

During her trial for heresy (she really was a lunatic more than a heretic)…

Authorities were troubled that she claimed for her pronouncements the authority of divine revelation, prophesied the future, endorsed her letters with the names of Jesus and Mary (thereby identifying herself with a novel and suspect cult called the Name of Jesus), professed to be assured of salvation, and wore men’s clothing. She was finally convicted of being a schismatic (she said she felt accountable first to God and her saints rather than the church). When her sentence was read—execution by the secular authorities—Joan quailed and declared she would do all that the church required of her. Her sentence was changed to life imprisonment.

Three days later, however, she was found wearing men’s clothes again, and when asked about it, she said the voices of Catherine and Margaret had censured her for her “treason.” She was handed over to secular authorities.

At 9 a.m. on May 30, 1431, 19-year-old Joan walked toward the market square. She knelt and prayed for her enemies, then mounted the prepared pyre. As the flames leapt upward, Joan asked for a cross to be held before her. Gazing upon it, her final word was “Jesus.” – Olsen

Here’s a fine film based on the nutjob’s life:

Rural Churches Are Dying, or Combining to Survive

Declining church attendance is driving many rural churches to close or to share resources in order to survive.

Quote of the Day

We are all by nature the children of wrath, and conceived in sin, to which damnation adheres – John Calvin

Luther on Erasmus

“Erasmus is worthy of great hatred. I warn you all to regard him as God’s enemy. He inflames the baser passions of young boys and regards Christ as I regard Klaus Narr. He teaches adults nothing. Our solace is faith in Christ. We have often died for it; let us hold fast to it alone. I will remain true to Christ, and am willing to die for him. I have been baptized in him; I can do nothing and I know nothing, except what he has taught me.”  – Martin Luther