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The Baby Baptizers Like to Compare Baptism to Circumcision, But the Bible Never Does… Isn’t that Funny

Paul compares baptism to death.  Cf Romans 6.  And Paul compares circumcision of the flesh to circumcision of the heart.  Cf Galatians.  But Paul never, not once, anywhere, compares circumcision to baptism or baptism to circumcision.

And do you know why?  Because they aren’t the same thing.  And that’s why not a single New Testament theologian would be so foolish as to suggest that they were by comparing the one thing to the other.

But that hasn’t stopped the baby baptizers from doing it.  Which means, I suppose, that they think they’re smarter than Paul and the rest of the New Testament authors.  That’s quite a bold claim though and not one I think holds much water….

The reason that post New Testament theologians have to compare baptism to circumcision is because they want to make little babies into members of the family of God.  But those little babies don’t know what they want.  And shoving them into the Church may seem like a good idea, but what it actually does is teach people that they don’t need to decide for God; someone else has already done it for them.

And that’s why Christianity has been befouled by so many pseudo-Christians.  Because any Christian who isn’t a Christian by choice is – at the end of the day – no Christian at all.

So You Don’t Need Biblical Scholars, Right?

Guess again, precious:


Ms Bezos is no Hero, And Neither are the Other ‘Super Rich’ Donating Half their Wealth

MacKenzie Bezos, who received more than $35 billion in her divorce from Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, has signed the Giving Pledge, making a commitment to give more than half of her fortune to charity or philanthropic causes.

She won’t suffer with the multiple billions or so she’s left with. It’s hardly a sacrifice given that there’s not much more comfort to be had with 35 billion that you can’t have with half that.

Let’s stop making heroes out of people who are super wealthy because they run companies that take advantage of workers, pay crap wages, don’t offer decent or sustaining benefits, and who could never live off the minimum pay they provide the people who do all the work.

Do you know who the real heroes are?  The small and medium sized companies whose leaders and owners maximize employee pay.  Those are the real heroes.

Are You Testing Me, Satan?

Because I feel like you’re testing me. I’m sorely tested…

UPDATE: Carol, a lovely person, says it’s a typo…. On Carol, there’s no such thing… GET BEHIND ME Satan!

Florida is the Australia of the US

A Very Good Post on Two Outstanding Greek Lexica

Both Brill’s new Dictionary of Ancient Greek (GE) and Liddell and Scott Greek–English Lexicon with Revised Supplement (LSJM) are more or less the same size and length. As a publishing decision, this introduces an important set of constraints upon GE’s editors, who must make various judgments, comprises, and decisions in what they choose to prioritize.

For example, any new words added requires the removal of some material elsewhere, like citations or the number of representative Greek examples. Examining the sorts of decisions the editors and translators of GE judged as prudent in their work, then, becomes a valuable exercise for discovering the value of this new Greek dictionary.

I have been studying the Greek word ἰσχύω off and on for the past year. This verb has made a rather interesting case study for comparing the decisions the editors of our Greek dictionaries must make. Let us take a moment to see how Brill’s GE compares to the Logos edition of LSJM, stacked right next to each other.

Give it a read.

My review of the Brill lexicon, from a few years back, is here.  I reviewed the print edition, not the Logos version.

On Avoiding Entanglements with Sinners

Who feels sorry for a snake-charmer bitten by a snake, or for those who take risks with savage animals? – just so for one who consorts with a sinner, and becomes an accomplice in his sins. He will stay with you for a while, but if you once give way he will press his advantage. An enemy may have sweetness on his lips, and in his heart a scheme to throw you into the ditch. An enemy may have tears in his eyes, but if he gets a chance there can never be too much blood for him.  If you meet with misfortune, you will find him there before you, and, pretending to help you, he will trip you up.  He will wag his head and clap his hands, he will whisper a lot and his expression will change.  (Sir. 12:13-18)

Quote of the Day

Disaster for those who plot evil, who lie in bed planning mischief! (Mic. 2:1)

Having Completed a Number of Projects, It’s Now On to A Focus on Melanchthon

And volumes in this new edition.  This is going to be fun.

One Day In Marburg, in 1951


With My Birthday Coming Up, This is the Ideal Gift

The historic medallions professionally minted according to the exact Dordrecht specifications of the expansive 58.5mm in diameter (4mm/90g).

Includes premium velvet burgundy showcase with a Certificate of Authenticity explaining the unique history and exquisite detail of the medallions awarded the esteemed divines of the august assembly meeting from November 13, 1618 to May 9, 1619. Set also includes two easels and complimentary Cambridge Dort Commemorative Pen.

Did I mention, my birthday is coming up?

Against those who Think Doctrine Outmoded-

As the Lord of the Church, Jesus Christ was Himself a Teacher, so also His disciples carry on a teaching ministry. We cannot think of the Christian Church without teaching, any more than we can think of a circle without a centre; teaching and “doctrine” belong to its very nature. — Emil Brunner

Get it While You Can

Christoph Helig writes-

My book “Hidden Criticism” is now available in OPEN ACCESS with @mohr_religion: bit.ly/2Qrj7D2

Barth and His Smoking Habit

The little essay is here.  Fun stuff.

Kids, smoking is bad for you.  Don’t do it.  Don’t be like Barth.  In any respect.  Be like Brunner.

Signs of the Times

Because you know someone did…

Blessed Zwingli: On The Fiction of Purgatory and the Reality of Hell

zwingli_squirtI believe that the figment of purgatorial fire is as much an affront to the redemption of Christ freely granted to us as it has been a lucrative business to its authors. For if it be necessary by punishments and tortures to expiate the guilt of our crimes, Christ will have died in vain and grace will have lost its meaning. Can anything more wicked be imagined in Christianity? Or what sort of a Christ do they have who wish to be called Christians and yet dread this fire, which is no longer fire, but smoke?

But that there is a hell, where the unbelievers, disobedient and public enemies are forever punished with Ixion and Tantalus, I not only believe, but know. For when the Truth [Christ] speaks of the universal judgment, He asserts that after this judgment some will go into everlasting fire. [Matth. 25:41]. After the universal judgment, therefore, there will be everlasting fire. Hence the Anabaptists cannot cover up with His [Christ’s] word their error, that ’ôlam, or “for ever” does not extend beyond the general judgment. For in this passage Christ is speaking of everlasting fire that will burn after the judgment and will torment the Devil and his angels, and the ungodly who despise God, and the savage men who suppress the truth with falsehood and do not mercifully and faithfully aid the necessities of their neighbor.

So take that you feckless and godless pagan universalists (and no wonder you never read Zwingli.  Or Calvin.  Or Luther.  Or Scripture).

Works of Interest

Make Disciples of All Nations: The Appeal and Authority of Christian Faith in Hellenistic-Roman Times, edited by Loren T. Stuckenbruck, Beth Langstaff and Michael Tilly

Ezra – Nehemiah, by B. Becking

Die Offenbarung des Johannes, by Walter Klaiber

Visit the links to see the details.

Inspiration from Beza

“Isn’t it God who asserts his majesty on a daily basis in the devastation and destruction of innumerable kings, princes, peoples, and regions?” — Theodore Beza

Via Ralph *The Mauler* Keen

Quote of the Day

The advantages of a university or academical education will never be despised except by him who never enjoyed them, or who affects to be superior to their necessity. – William Orme

Today With Zwingli: The Break With Erasmus

Zwingli’s biographer notes

“… the break with Erasmus was accompanied with the loss of the friendship of Glareanus, who was the shadow of Erasmus and shared his religious views. This fact comes out in the letter Zwingli, on May 28, 1525, wrote to Vadianus:

“When Erasmus of Rotterdam received my commentary [“On the true and false religion”] he exclaimed, as a friend of his reports: ‘

My good Zwingli, what do you write that I have not first written?’

I tell you this that you may see how far self-esteem can carry us. Would that Erasmus had treated my arguments with his pen! The world would then have been persuaded, so that I should not labour under such a burden of enmity. I always preferred to stay in the background; but the Lord did not wish it, and His will be done.

Would that the name of Erasmus had been attached to my book! Then shamefacedness would not have held me in its bonds, nor the fear of vainglory. I thus speak before the Lord: After my writings have been read by all, I would wish that my name should fall into oblivion.

Glareanus rages against me, and takes all measures not only against me, but also against Œcolampadius. See how the thoughts of the heart are revealed, when Mary, i. e., those who are Christ’s mother, sister, and brother, are stricken with the sword of persecution. Who would have thought that there was in the former [Erasmus] so great a desire for glory, and in the latter [Glareanus] so much of malignity and venom!

The most learned men everywhere congratulate the Swiss; and a Swiss [Glareanus] chafes because of Zwingli.””