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Why Would You Put Your Trust in Worthless People?

I only wonder that any trust at all is reposed in worthless men, to whose falsehoods the ears of your people must have long since grown callous. — John Calvin

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The Chief Lesson of the First 600 Years of Church History

The one thing the history of the early church illustrates more than anything else is that when theology is bastardized by politics, it is defiled irreperably.

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As Good An Overview of the Council of Chalcedon as You’ll Find

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Answering Your Mail

Hi Jim, You talk alot about dilettantes and amateurs and how they should ‘stay in their lane’ about the bible.  Can I ask, and I’m not trying to offend, what your qualifications are? Sincerely, Bradley A daily reader Dear Bradley, … Continue reading

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This is heresy- only the Holy Spirit can sanctify. Human acts, no matter how lovely, cannot.

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ABC News Cares More About the Birth of a Baby than Climate Change

This is sad. Here’s media misconduct in a nutshell: ABC’s World News Tonight spent more than seven minutes reporting on the birth of royal baby Archie in the week after he was born — more time than the program spent covering climate … Continue reading

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‘Progressive’ Christians Or Just Regressive Gnostics

Ben Myers had a great thread on the twitter on the moral relativism of some Christians which I here post in full: Interviewer: Do you think there’s any context in which it’s immoral to have an abortion? United Church of … Continue reading

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Michael Langlois and the Dead Sea Scrolls

I was interviewed by Science & Life Magazine on recent issues pertaining to the Dead Sea Scrolls, including forgeries. You can find the magazine here; I also attach the article in PDF format: Marielle Mayo, “La saga de Qumrân continue” in Les Cahiers … Continue reading

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Memorial Day

Have a peaceful, reflective day.  And work for peace so that there are no more casualties of war.

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