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Healthy Skepticism and Unhealthy Credulity

Skepticism is the only sensible attitude towards everything on social media and towards the media in general. Be skeptical. Doubt. Do not take anything at face value. Everything you see on tv and the internet and hear on the radio is guilty (of being inaccurate) until proven innocent (by being proven true).

And the moment you fall victim to the foolishness of groupthink and its credulity, be very afraid.

It Won’t Be Long Before the Proggies Attack Francis

The Pope doesn’t like abortion. That means that it won’t be long till the lefty progs go on a letter writing campaign to have the Pope removed from his duties because, you know, only one opinion is allowed and it’s the proggy view.

Words to Live By

Do not grovel to the foolish, do not show partiality to the influential. Fight to the death for truth, and the Lord God will war on your side. (Sir. 4:27-28)

Every Day- Be August Landmesser- Every Day

My First Political Endorsement

Signs of the Times

I wish this sign were posted literally on every corner in every part of the United States.


Church Growth, Progressive Style

The number of non-religious people has increased dramatically. It’s important that we act like we aren’t Christians in order to reach them. —  MegaPastor Wannabe

Use of the Bible in RE: Opening up a dialogue with scripture (event)

Go if you can.

Newman Research Centre for the Bible and its Reception

at Newman University

National Institute for Christian Education Research

Newman Research Centre for the Bible and its Reception

Thursday 27th June 2019 9.30 a.m. to 4.00p.m.

In recent times there has been a retrieval within faith communities of a sense of scripture as a source of the inner life of faith, and its importance on examination syllabi has been strongly emphasised in recent curriculum reforms. How can RE classrooms, with their diverse and plural pupil populations, be spaces for fruitful dialogue with scripture and for serious reflection on its relevance for contemporary political discourse?

The seminar will be led by members of the Newman Centre for the Bible and its Reception and Dr Bob Bowie, Director of National Institute for Christian Education Research at Canterbury Christ Church, University​, who has published widely on the effective use of scripture within RE.

Lunch and refreshments included.


Free of charge for…

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What Christians Really Believe: Or, What Real Christians Believe


Quote of the Day

Dr Michael J. Svigel  –  Eschatology 101: “Nobody knows the day or the hour. Except that guy with no formal training and a lame website. Besides him, nobody knows.”

On Predestination

“Through mortal sins the elect may altogether lose and banish the Holy Ghost, faith and the grace of God, and thus for a time become subjects of condemnation, yet they cannot be wanting to the end, and perish eternally. Total loss of grace is one thing, final loss of grace is another. That is total, by which any one is entirely deprived of the grace of God; that is final, by which any one, shortly before death, departs from the faith, and dies in unbelief.” — Johannes Quenstedt

Children and Their Tantrums

It must be strikingly unsatisfying when the child doesn’t get their way after they have thrown a massive tantrum. All that effort for naught. Yet to give a child what it wants simply because it throws a fit only reinforces childish selfishness. Especially when the children are biologically adults.

Flugschriften: ‘Flying Texts’

A Flugschrift is, literally, a ‘flying writing’.  Flugschriften are flying writings or writings that fly off the press and into the public’s hands.  Flugschriften is the plural form of Flugschrift.

I mention this because these Flugschriften were to the Reformers what blog posts are to modern theologians and biblical scholars- quickly produced, aimed at the moment, addressing something immediate.  Luther and Zwingli in particular made great use of the (relatively fast) speed small volumes could be produced and distributed.

One such example of this sort of material is the witty and incisive and really scorchingly amusing Die göttliche Mühle which Zwingli commended to his friend Oswald Myconius on the 25th of May, 1521.  It (Die göttliche Mühle) was written by the virtually unknown Martin Seger of Marienfeld.

Emil Egli and Walther Köhler describe and discuss the booklet in Zwingliana 2/12 (1910).  The thing to take away from the production of such pieces is that 1) speed is of the essence when theological battles are being waged; and 2) wit and humor in brevity often make the point better than long and boring discourses.

The Catholic Church was, by the way, frequently portrayed in the 16th century as a Mill where the faithful were ground into powder by the greedy clerics, chief of whom was of course the super-greedy Pope.  Tobias Stimmer’s Mühle is a spectacular example of the genre-

The Anniversary of Peter Opitz’s Birth

It’s May 25th so it’s Peter Opitz’s birthday. Happy birthday to him.  He’s a scholar you should know- as just a few of his books will show: