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Pastoral Goals versus Jesus’s Goals

Most pastors today- ‘I wonder how many nominal christians I can persuade to come to my theater for the show this week.’ Jesus- go make disciples!!!

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Predestined to Life or to Damnation: Whichever You Are, It’s Because God Wants You To Be

If we cannot assign any reason for his bestowing mercy on his people, but just that it so pleases him, neither can we have any reason for his reprobating others but his will. When God is said to visit in … Continue reading

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Baptists and Women Preachers

Isn’t it amazing that BOTH of the missionaries who preached in foreign lands and did the most to make Baptists a missionary people and for whom our two most important mission offering drives are named, Lottie Moon & Annie Armstrong, … Continue reading

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If Your Faith…

Is nothing more than a ‘tradition’ like any other ‘way of doing things passed down’ in your life, then it isn’t your faith, it’s your ancestors’.

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Ohio’s Jim Jordan Knew All About the Abuse and Turned a Blind Eye to It

If Ohio voters can’t do better than Jordan, they are truly to be pitied. A now-dead Ohio State team doctor sexually abused at least 177 male students over nearly two decades, and university officials knew what he was doing and … Continue reading

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Beware the Gifts of the Stupid

The gift of the stupid will bring you no advantage, his eyes look for seven times as much in return.  He gives little and reviles much, he opens his mouth like the town crier, he lends today and demands payment … Continue reading

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Quote of the Day

Edo Konrad- Israel doesn’t distinguish between Hamas & non-Hamas Palestinians when it opens fire. There is no algorithm that informs snipers whether or not the person on the other side is a “terrorist.” If someone has broken the law, you … Continue reading

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