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Don’t Go to the Homes of Strangers

Meet in a public place. Or this horror might be your horror.

A pregnant woman who had gone to a Chicago home in response to a Facebook offer of free baby clothes was strangled and her baby cut from her womb, police and family members said.

So ghatly…..

If You Don’t Care About Women and Children, You Aren’t Pro-Life

This cartoon was published 24 years ago. The GOP hasn’t changed a bit.

Jim Bakker: Pentebabbleist Blasphemer

“The Jim Bakker Show” recently promoted a coin decorated with President Trump‘s face as a “point of contact” with God.

In a viral clip of the promotion, evangelical author Lance Wallnau described the $45 coin as a means for believers to establish a “point of contact” with God.

“When I asked the Lord ‘Why the coin?’ he said ‘Because when you take the coin, it’s a point of contact,’” Wallnau said in the clip, which was shared on Twitter by Right Wing Watch, which “monitors and exposes the activities of Radical Right political organizations.”

“So your faith is being released with a million other believers to pray protection and peace and wisdom and counsel over the president of the United States and over his family,” he added.

What vile blasphemy and idiotic pseudo-christianity.  Pentebabbleists… they really are profoundly theologically ignorant.

Signs of the Times

I have ‘friends’ like this…

Of Course It’s Florida

Where else would some adult woman have a baby by an 11 year old boy?

TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) – The Pasco County woman accused of having sex with an 11-year-old boy, getting pregnant and then having his baby, did not appear in court for a hearing today.

The judge continued the case to next month and said by that time, the case needs to be resolved or a trial date will be set.

She should be arrested and tried for crimes against a child and pedophilia.

Quote of the Day

“A balanced media . . . would challenge those who have produced a contemporary clan so confused about good and evil that they consider such distinctions to be merely statements about our personal feelings, . . .” — Carl F. H. Henry

Hypocrisy Exposed

This is sarcasm, but it’s also true for many politicians who decry abortion except when they pay for their pregnant mistresses to have one.

SCOTT: When you’re a pro-life, pro-family values Republican doctor running for Congress, you understand the value of human life. I had an affair with a patient and then pressured her to have an abortion. I also fired a gun outside my wife’s bedroom. Who better than me to forcibly take the choice away from American women? I had to send my girlfriend out of state to get her abortion. Liberals are hedonistic monsters and it just makes me so angry!

Oh Scott Desjarlais, you are a hypocrite aren’t you.

Authentic Dialogue in This America is A Pipe Dream

People are generally pretty dishonest when it comes to claiming a willingness to dialogue. What they really want to do is tell you what they think and demand you agree.

New Volumes From Mohr

Visit the Mohr website and search for the volumes of interest to you.

Zwingli Can’t Go to Baden

zwingl_badenIn 1525 the project of the disputation was revived. The Bishop of Constance chose Baden as the place. Zwingli declared his willingness, if necessary, to go to Schaffhausen or St. Gall, but the city Great Council refused him permission to go out of Zurich. The Diet at Luzern, on January 15, 1526, determined on Baden as the place and May 16, 1526, as the time.

Zwingli’s correspondence of 1526 shows clearly the course of events. After the disputation was determined upon there was uncertainty in regard to the place. Bern favoured Basel. Other cantons wanted Luzern. Œcolampadius naturally preferred Bern. Zwingli did not want to go out of Zurich. Perhaps his physical condition had something to do with it. Œcolampadius, on March 7, 1526, alluded to his having ulcers.

Zwingli himself, writing to Vadianus on Friday, March 30th, tells of an alarming attack of illness which had occurred that day. On April 16, 1526, Zwingli wrote a long letter to the City Council of Bern giving his reasons why he would not go to Baden for the disputation, although anxious to debate in such a presence.

The nine reasons amount to this—that the safe conduct and protection which Bern promised were really valueless under the circumstances because at Baden the Five Forest Cantons, Uri, Schwyz, Unterwalden, Luzern, and Zug, devoted to the old teaching, would outvote the other three cantons of Zurich, Bern, and Basel, devoted to the new.

He then proceeds to give his reasons for declining to go to any place where the Five Cantons had control.  

  1. Those cantons had condemned him unheard as a heretic and burnt his books.
  2. They still persist in doing so.  
  3. They have avowedly gotten up the disputation for the purpose of silencing him.  
  4. As they have ordered him arrested, contrary to federal law, what value would their safe conduct have?  
  5. They are bound by mutual vows to uproot the faith he professed.
  6. Their negotiations for the disputation were with Eck and Faber exclusively, not with him, he not being in any way consulted.
  7. While Eck’s and Faber’s writings are freely circulated in the Five Cantons, his were suppressed.
  8. He had two years before plainly told Eck and company that under no consideration would he go to Baden or Luzern.

Baden was not attended by Zwingli but it was by Oecolampadius, who kept Zwingli informed of all the doings.

17 Months old and Dead, Because She Was Sexually Assaulted…

This is unspeakably evil.

There was a celebration of life Tuesday for a toddler who died in Richmond, Virginia after an alleged sexual assault.  17-month-old Nariah Brown died Friday at a local hospital. The girl’s mother had left the child with someone she trusted at a motel, where the alleged assault occurred.

More than hundred people turned out to Forest Hill Park Tuesday to release balloons and light candles in the girl’s memory.  Her family hopes the balloons will be found and Nariah’s story will be shared to prevent future sexual assaults on young children.

The girl’s mother, Aija Brown described her daughter, nicknamed Butter Bean, as “loving, goofy, open-hearted” in front of the big crowd. She said her baby girl loved to dance, especially to Disney songs.  Brown says it was a close friend who sexually assaulted her daughter at the Motor Lodge on Midlothian Turnpike last Wednesday.  No charges have been filed by police at this time.

Unspeakably.  Evil.  The perpetrator needs to be caught, tried, and executed.

The Battle Of Frankenhausen Raged…

On May 16, 1525 (having commenced the day before): it was the low water mark of the wretched Peasants Revolt.  As Schaff describes things:

The peasants, badly armed, poorly led, and divided among themselves, were utterly defeated by the troops of the Landgrave Philip of Hesse, Duke Henry of Brunswick, the Elector John, and the Dukes George and John of Saxony. In the decisive battle at Frankenhausen, May 25, 1525, five thousand slain lay on the field and in the streets; three hundred were beheaded before the court-house. Muenzer fled, but was taken prisoner, tortured, and executed [on May 27th].

The peasants in South Germany, in the Alsace and Lorraine, met with the same defeat by the imperial troops and the forces of the electors of the Palatinate and Treves, and by treachery. In the castle of Zabern, in the Alsace (May 17), eighteen thousand peasants fell. In the Tyrol and Salzburg, the rebellion lasted longest, and was put down in part by arbitration.

The number of victims of war far exceeded a hundred thousand. The surviving rebels were beheaded or mutilated. Their widows and orphans were left destitute. Over a thousand castles and convents lay in ashes, hundreds of villages were burnt to the ground, the cattle killed, agricultural implements destroyed, and whole districts turned into a wilderness. “Never,” said Luther, after the end of the war, “has the aspect of Germany been more deplorable than now.”

The Peasants’ War was a complete failure, and the victory of the princes an inglorious revenge. The reaction made their condition worse than ever. Very few masters had sufficient humanity and self-denial to loosen the reins. Most of them followed the maxim of Rehoboam: “My father chastised you with whips, but I will chastise you with scorpions” (1 Kings 12:14). The real grievances remained, and the prospect of a remedy was put off to an indefinite future.

The cause of the Reformation suffered irreparable injury, and was made responsible by the Romanists, and even by Erasmus, for all the horrors of the rebellion.

Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice, to rebel.  How foolish were the followers of the radicals, to believe that God would give them victory.  They paid for their folly.

The Lustful in Torment

The lustful in flames (Purgatorio XXV), Dante, Divina Commedia, Urbino and Ferrara 1477-1478 (Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana, Urb.lat.365, fol. 171v).

A Lot Has Happened on 16 May Throughout the History of the Church

On May 16, 1522, Huldrych Zwingli published Eine göttliche Vermahnung an die Eidgenossen zu Schwyz [Z1, 155ff].

Heinrich Bullinger preached his First Sermon on that date in 1529. Bullinger was prone to long sermons. Really long. But he was famously adored for them. Which says rather a lot.

Emil Brunner, back in 1925, earned his Doctorate in Theology from the University of Zurich. He was the most important theologian of the 20th century and his influence continues to be significant.

And last but certainly not least, William Peter Stephens was born on 16 May in 1934. Peter is one of the most gifted of historian/ theologians and has written many of the definitive works in English on Zwingli. And he’s a great guy too.

Spend a little time today with Zwingli and Bullinger and Brunner and Stephens. There’s scarcely any better way to enjoy an afternoon.

Quote of the Day

Even as in the blessed in heaven there will be most perfect charity, so in the damned in hell there will be the most perfect hate. – Aquinas