Konrad Schmid and 5 Milestones in the History of OT Theology

On the Eerdmans blog.

Konrad Schmid’s A Historical Theology of the Hebrew Bible offers a historical clarification of the concept of “theology.” He then examines the theologies of the three constituent parts of the Hebrew Bible—the Torah, the Prophets, and the Writings— before tracing how these theological concepts developed throughout the history of ancient Israel and early Judaism.

Schmid not only explores the theology of the biblical books in isolation, but he also offers unifying principles and links between the distinct units that make up the Hebrew Bible. By focusing on both the theology of the whole Hebrew Bible as well as its individual pieces, A Historical Theology of the Hebrew Bible provides a comprehensive discussion of theological work within the Hebrew Bible.

Gerhard von Rad is one of the five, so you know that Schmid knows what he’s talking about.  Read the post.  Good stuff.