The Perverted ‘Pastor’ Who Turned into an Atheist

Dave Gass (you don’t know him, he’s a nobody) went on a twitter rant yesterday listing all the reasons why he just couldn’t continue to be a pastor. He claimed that he hadn’t believed for a long time and it was something he had long contemplated.

It turns out, though, that Mr Exvangelical had other, more sinister motives for leaving Christianity and those motives have to do with his own perverse and adulterous inclinations and greed.

To wit-

Gass is a pervert who groomed a woman in his congregation, slept with her, and then when found out left his wife, kids, and split with a ton of money from his church.’ – via someone who knows.

Why do I mention this? Because before people applaud the so called bravery of those abandoning faith, maybe those clapping for them should discover who they really are and not make heros out of scoundrels and thieves and adulterers.

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I am a Pastor, and Lecturer in Church History and Biblical Studies at Ming Hua Theological College.
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2 Responses to The Perverted ‘Pastor’ Who Turned into an Atheist

  1. Sitting here with my wife saying “I bet he’s an adulterer”, googled “Dave Gass adulterer” and landed here. Thanks for confirming my suspicions. Adulterers behavior is just so predictable. It is much easier to changes one’s beliefs and values that one’s behavior. I encourage his wife, family and his friends to fully expose his evil deeds to the light of day and allow the full consequences of his choices to befall him/them. I pray for Mrs. Gass, their children and her entire family in this time of great loss and betrayal by one duty bound to love them. Mr. Gass – turn from your sin, repent, go home, fall to your knees and beg for your wife and children’s forgiveness.


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