Hymns drop off top 10 funeral music choices in favour of Ed Sheeran

Just gross.

Hymns have been completely squeezed out of the top ten musical choices at funerals, with mourners instead opting for contemporary songs such as Ed Sheeran’s Supermarket Flowers, a new entry to the list.

Frank Sinatra’s My Way again topped the latest chart drawn up by the UK’s biggest chain of funeral directors, but for the first time since the biennial exercise began in 2002 not a single traditional hymn made it into the top ten.

Data from Co-op Funeralcare, whose funeral directors arrange up to 100,000 ceremonies a year, revealed a dramatic shift in choices of music at final farewells as mourners reject the traditionally sombre funeral in favour of more personalised send-offs.

Hymns such as The Lord’s My Shepherd and Abide With Me – previously strong contenders in the funeral chart – have been elbowed aside as Sheeran and Westlife are catapulted into the top.

Do your own funerals, pagans.  Stay out of churches and stay away from Christian clerics.