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For the Christian, The Law Is Still Relevant

The keeping of the Law should begin in us and increase more and more. – Melanchthon

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Me Too, Bro. Me Too.

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Fake Christians Are Easy to Spot

Or as Jesus noted, ‘You will know them by their fruits. A bad tree does not produce good fruit and a bitter well does not produce sweet water’.

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Selderhuis: The Interview

Coming up on the next episode of Office Hours (Monday) from @wscal: I talk with Dr Herman Selderhuis about the Synod & Canons of Dort and about some lesser known aspects of the work of the Synod in evangelism, missions, … Continue reading

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Ladies and Gentlemen, the Dumbest Thing to Ever Come Out of a Human Mouth

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Who Is, and Is Not, a Christian?

If you aren’t a disciple, you aren’t a Christian. Jesus commissions us to evangelize with the goal of disciple-making, not passive, uninvolved church member making. give Matthew 28:17ff a looksee.

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Because Every Nut Has a Gun, A Baby Has Been Shot

A 1-year-old was shot near a gas station in a road rage incident in southwest Houston, according to Houston Police. It happened near the Southwest Freeway at Gessner around 1 p.m. Wednesday. The child’s father, 20, told police he accidentally … Continue reading

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This Is Progress: ‘Loot to Order’ Pages Removed from Facebook

Facebook has shut down 49 “loot-to-order” antiquities-trafficking pages selling bespoke artifacts from war zones to clandestine collectors, in response to a two-year BBC investigation. The BBC probe, published Thursday, found that looters were smuggling everything from ancient statues to Roman mosaics out of … Continue reading

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A New Reading of the Mesha Stele

The biblical King Balak may have been a historical figure, according to a new reading of the Mesha Stele, an inscribed stone dating from the second half of the 9th century BCE. A name in Line 31 of the stele, … Continue reading

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The Perverted ‘Pastor’ Who Turned into an Atheist

Dave Gass (you don’t know him, he’s a nobody) went on a twitter rant yesterday listing all the reasons why he just couldn’t continue to be a pastor. He claimed that he hadn’t believed for a long time and it … Continue reading

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A Companion to Heresy Inquisitions

Inquisitions of heresy have long fascinated both specialists and non-specialists. A Companion to Heresy Inquisitions presents a synthesis of the immense amount of scholarship generated about these institutions in recent years. The volume offers an overview of many of the most … Continue reading

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Where Scripture isn’t, The Church Isn’t Either

The Romanists assail us in the present day, and terrify the unskilful with the name of Church, while they are the deadly adversaries of Christ. Therefore, although they exhibit a temple, a priesthood, and other similar masks, the empty glare … Continue reading

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The National Day of Prayer, Again

Today is the National Day of Prayer– when we’re supposed to ask God’s blessings on our Country and our World.  A day I’m regularly ambivalent about. Should we pray for our Country?  Yes.  But shouldn’t we also pray for our … Continue reading

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The ‘National Day of Prayer’ Is, By and Large, A Farce

It reminds me of the words of God through Jeremiah- “You steal. You murder. You commit adultery. You lie when you swear on oath. You sacrifice to the god Baal. You pay allegiance to other gods whom you have not … Continue reading

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The National Day of Prayer

‪#‎NationalDayofPrayer‬ – “But when you pray, go into your closet and pray in private…” – Jesus

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Quote of the Day

This will surely he known as the Age of Credulity. Television advertisements can safely assume in viewers a fathomless credulity, compared with which the most outrageous superstitions and supernatural manifestations seem credible. Believing nothing results in believing anything. –  Malcolm … Continue reading

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Hymns drop off top 10 funeral music choices in favour of Ed Sheeran Just gross. Hymns have been completely squeezed out of the top ten musical choices at funerals, with mourners instead opting for contemporary songs such as Ed Sheeran’s … Continue reading

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The Latest Biblical Studies Carnival

Christopher Scott has it.

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May 2, 1507

That, if you aren’t sure, is the date upon which Luther celebrated his first Mass.  Of that occasion Luther remarked “When I was about to hold my first mass, my father sent twenty gulden for food and came with twenty … Continue reading

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