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Today With Zwingli

Absender: Haller, Berchtold
Empfänger: Zwingli
Ort: (Bern)
Datierung: 25 IV (1527)
Vorlage: Huldreich Zwinglis sämtliche Werke, vol. 9

Salve, charissime Huldrich.

BerchtoldHallerScio te desiderare, quae feriis illis pascalibus aput nos acta sunt in deligendo magistratu. Sic ergo habe: Scriba forensis obiit; successit illi adulescens Georgius Schöni, qui paucis diebus aput te erat. Scultetus in officio mansit. Ioannes Bischoff in pandaretum electus est. Dominus a Müllinen cum duobus aliis e senatoria dignitate protrusus est. Lapides quoque exclusi sunt, et quod omnium maximum est: ad viginti annos nunc 4 pandareti cum 16 e civibus senatum minorem elegerunt ea conditione, ut per eos electos civium turma non haberet abiicere.

Nunc ablata est illis potestas, et concio universa civium senatum deligit. Sed quid dicam? Interim cum sic gratulamur omnes, mox oboritur nova crux. Advenerunt clam in urbem nostram a Basilęa anabaptistę, qui ad aliquos paucos nostratum divertentes sęmen suum, aut potius zizania, profuderunt [Mt. 13. 25ff.], ut iam, quemadmodum fertur, in vigenarium ferme numerum excreverint.

Convenimus quattuor ex eis, et colloquio mutuo adhortati sumus, ne plebem dehortentur ab auditione contionum nostrarum ob idolorum praesentiam, nisi prius doceant nos aut contra verbum agere aut obticere. Contendimus ad tres horas privatim, sed frustra. Hinc res delata est ad quattuor panderetos (!).

Hi summo mane nobis nescientibus domos eorum visitarunt, extorserunt copiam factionis eorum, quam nobis pręsentatam, ut super ea iuxta verbum decernamus, tibi mittimus veluti illarum contentionum et rerum omnium expertissimo, ut et tuum consilium communices, quo pacto rem cum illis aggrediamur. Deinde vides hic eorum arma et fundamina. Si quae habes, quae prius in commentariis praeteriveris, et quibus eorum placita evertamus, age, age, non negligas.

Consideramus omnes periculum urbis nostrę et totius Christianismi, ubi illę furię irrepserint. Scimus magistratum pronissimum esse ad eos propellendos; sed nostrum est omnia gladio spiritus [Eph. 6. 17], aut in suggestu aut publica collatione, refellere. Expectamus responsionem tuam. Maturato igitur opus est. Cęterum nihil dubites de me.

Francisco non deero, neque ipse mihi. Scopum scribe super articulos eorum. Admiserunt Ioannis et discipulorum Christi unum esse baptisma; pueros sanctos. Item, baptismum non esse ad (!) necessarium ad salutem. Sed aiunt, credentem non manere absque baptismo, deinde revertuntur et dicunt, baptismum esse sub praecępto. Habes omnia, quae nos urgent. Salva sit tota vestratum ecclesia. His diebus mittentur nuncii ad totam ditionem propter mandatum et iuramentum abrogandum. Quicquid dominus dederit, non te latebit.

Vale et fac ecclesiam tuam orare pro nobis.

25. Aprilis 1527.
Tuus B. H., ex animo.

Peasants And their Interests

Luther writes

Peasants … seldom go so far as to despise God and religion, for they hardly think about such things.

True fact Martin, true fact.

The Infectionists of Geneva

In and around Geneva in the 1530’s and following were a group of persons who were known as ‘infectionists’.  They killed people, apparently simply for the pleasure of it (and of course, to rob them of their possessions).

A pestilential disorder had for many years prevailed in Geneva, and the surrounding districts, to such a degree, that the population was in fact decimated, two thousand inhabitants dying out of twenty thousand, the highest estimate of the population of this little city. All the relations of life were disturbed: the courts of justice were closed; and the evil would have become still worse, had not circumstances led to the discovery of a conspiracy, of rare iniquity even in those times, formed by a set of wretches who diffused the infection by means similar to those employed in 1530. Their practice was to mix up the virus drawn from those who were sick of the plague with salve, and then to place it upon the locks and bars of doors, and on the lines in the public streets. The disease was thus spread in the most awful manner. Even some of the inspectors of the hospital were in league with these wretches, whose only object it was to share among each other what belonged to the dead

After several of these ‘terrorists’ were captured they confessed the names of their co-conspirators under the rack.  On 25 April,1545 Calvin wrote to Farel

Why should I relate to you what has taken place in regard to the infection? Weber (Textor) is with you, and he can explain to you all the circumstances much more clearly than I could in a letter. Renat has filled us with surprise: it is perfectly wonderful that a man who remained firm under torture should be overcome by a supposed promise; that is, by its being told him that I had obtained the promise of a pardon for him from the council.

His wife confessed that she had destroyed eighteen men by witchcraft or poisoning, and that he had killed four or five. The power of the Lord was wonderfully shown at the death of this culprit, so perfect was the conversion of his soul. In the morning he evinced no sign of repentance, but still, as it seemed, hurried on by his fanaticism, he complained that he was about to be punished, though the Lord had pardoned him. But the Lord, as I have said, has wrought marvellously and beyond my hope. Both met their death joyfully, with the greatest firmness, with the strongest faith, and with the surest indications of repentance.”

Calvin was willing to accept the repentance of these murderers.  That’s the softer and gentler Calvin Servetus could have known had he too shown a turning to God.

99% of the People on Facebook and Twitter Who Talk About the Bible

Why Does Jeremiah’s Message Sound So Contemporary?

Who will find me a wayfarer’s shelter in the desert, for me to quit my people, and leave them far behind? For all of them are adulterers, a conspiracy of traitors. They bend their tongues like a bow; not truth but falsehood holds sway in the land; yes, they go from crime to crime, but me they do not know, Yahweh declares.

Let each be on his guard against his friend; do not trust a brother, for every brother aims but to supplant, and every friend is a peddler of slander. Each one cheats his friend, never telling the truth; they have trained their tongues to lie and devote all their energies to doing wrong. You live in a world of bad faith! Out of bad faith, they refuse to know me, Yahweh declares.

And, so, Yahweh Sabaoth declares, now I shall purge them and test them, no other way to treat the daughter of my people! Their tongue is a deadly arrow, their words are in bad faith; with his mouth each wishes his neighbour peace, while in his heart plotting a trap for him. Shall I fail to punish them for this, Yahweh demands, or on such a nation fail to exact vengeance? I raise the wail and lament for the mountains, the dirge for the desert pastures, for they have been burnt: no one passes there, the sound of flocks is heard no more. Birds of the sky and animals, all have fled, all are gone. I shall make Jerusalem a heap of ruins, a lair for jackals, and the towns of Judah an uninhabited wasteland.

Who is wise enough to understand this? To whom has Yahweh’s mouth spoken to explain it? Why is the country annihilated, burnt like the desert where no one passes? Yahweh says, ‘This is because they have forsaken my Law which I gave them and have not listened to my voice or followed it, but have followed their own stubborn hearts, have followed the Baals as their ancestors taught them.’ So Yahweh Sabaoth, the God of Israel, says this, ‘Now I shall give this people wormwood to eat and poisoned water to drink. I shall scatter them among nations unknown to their ancestors or to them; and I shall pursue them with the sword until I have annihilated them.‘ (Jer. 9:1-15)

Zwingli Critiques a Review by Emser

Emser didn’t like Zwingli’s ‘Commentary on True and False Religion‘ (a work of true genius) so when he reviewed it (i.e., responded to it), said review provoked Zwingli to respond – in part –

You are so shallow, not to say foolish, that I am convinced you absolutely failed to understand what I wrote.

Few do read with the aim of understanding anything really.

Pure Rubbish

She wasn’t ‘the church’ because there was no Church till Pentecost, when the Holy Spirit descended. Get a grip, Father, and stop the silly left leaning pandering. It’s dishonest.

#ICYMI – A Very Useful Post From Logos: Comparing Hebrew and Greek Texts

This week’s post is centered on the following question I received from a Logos user:

I’m hoping you can help me with a frequent task: finding which Greek words (LXX) are used to translate a particular word in the Hebrew text. I’d like to know, for example, what Greek words the scholars chose to use in the LXX for “hesed,” which is so rich in meaning.

Even though not every Logos user will need this tip, the feature in the answer is a good trick to know if you venture into the original languages.

Users of Logos will find this quite helpful.  Read the rest.

In Which Calvin Explains Romans 1:32

[This means] that men left nothing undone for the purpose of giving unbridled liberty to their sinful propensities; for having taken away all distinction between good and evil, they approved in themselves and in others those things which they knew displeased God, and would be condemned by his righteous judgment.

For it is the summit of all evils, when the sinner is so void of shame, that he is pleased with his own vices, and will not bear them to be reproved, and also cherishes them in others by his consent and approbation. This desperate wickedness is thus described in Scripture: “They boast when they do evil,” (Prov. 2:14.) “She has spread out her feet, and gloried in her wickedness,” (Ezek. 16:25.)

For he who is ashamed is as yet healable; but when such an impudence is contracted through a sinful habit, that vices, and not virtues, please us, and are approved, there is no more any hope of reformation. 

Let him who has ears to hear, hear.

Generation Whiner

That’s the kids in College these days it seems.

A few years ago, a leftist prof wrote a piece in which he admitted that he was “terrified“” of his students. I’d say that most professors should feel that way, particularly if they teach at a school with an administration dominated by “progressives.”

Today’s Martin Center article provides support for that view. It’s by Evan Charney, who taught at Duke for 20 years and was a very popular professor. But all it took to end his career was complaints from a few hypersensitive leftist students who said his teaching style made them uncomfortable. Even though many students came to Charney’s defense, that meant nothing at a school where “woke” students must be appeased.

Anti Vaccine Crusaders…

Are the worst among us.

In Which Zwingli Explains Why He Published his Sermon on ‘The Choice of Food’

zwingli_schriftenBecause his enemies were misrepresenting the oral presentation, Zwingli expanded and published it.

I have therefore made a sermon about the choice or difference of food, in which sermon nothing but the Holy Gospels and the teachings of the Apostles have been used, which greatly delighted the majority and emancipated them. But those, whose mind and conscience is defiled, as Paul says [Titus, 1:15], it only made mad.

But since I have used only the above-mentioned Scriptures, and since those people cry out none the less unfairly, so loud that their cries are heard elsewhere, and since they that hear are vexed on account of their simplicity and ignorance of the matter, it seems to me to be necessary to explain the thing from the Scriptures, so that every one depending on the Divine Scriptures may maintain himself against the enemies of the Scriptures. Wherefore, read and understand; open the eyes and the ears of the heart, and hear and see what the Spirit of God says to us.