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Where in the World is Chris Tilling Now?

He’s in Canada.  Baptizing people.


A Word of Cheer and Encouragement

“Death eternal or damnation is that most unhappy state in which, from the just judgment of God, men who remain unbelieving to the end, being excluded from the beatific sight of God, and associated in the infernal prison with devils, will be tortured eternally (in soul, immediately after its departure from the body, and in both parts of their composite being, at length when sentence has been passed at the final judgment) with the most severe and ineffable torments, to the praise of the divine truth, and the glory and exultation of the godly.” –  Hollazius

Coming Soon from Bruce Gordon

This should be enjoyable. – Europe 1409 – 1523 (Blackwell History of Europe).

The 15 Things NT Wright Has Said That Impress Me Most: A Celebratory Post of Admiring Admiration
















Steve King is Nothing Like Jesus

And he’s a blasphemer to suggest he is.


Contra the Pentebabbleists and their ‘Private Revelations’

John Owen fells them with one tiny sentence:

Via Randy Blackateer.

It’s the 13th Anniversary of Zwinglius Redivivus At WordPress

I blogged elsewhere previously but started with WordPress 13 years ago today.  I wouldn’t even bother with any other host now.


The Early Reception of the Book of Isaiah

By none less than Kristin!

This volume brings together a lively set of papers from the first session of the Deuterocanonical and Cognate Literature program unit of the Society of Biblical Literature Annual Meeting in 2016. Together with a few later contributions, these essays explore a number of thematic and textual issues as they trace the reception history of the Book of Isaiah in Deuterocanonical and cognate literature.

Contributors to this brief but important work are Kristin De Troyer, Mark Elliott, Liz Fried, J Todd Hibbard, Jill Middlemas, Edward Mills, Barbara Schmitz, Marvin Sweeney, J. Ross Wagner, and Archibald Wieringen.  The essays are listed here.

These essays were all delivered as papers at the 2016 SBL in San Antonio and edited for publication by the participants and the editors.

In the volume introduction the editors describe the contents of each essay.  Each contribution includes a bibliography and the volume concludes with very brief indices on themes, authors, biblical sources, Qumran texts, a rabbinic source, and patristic and medieval sources.

As is always the case in a collection of essays, some are very good (Fried, Elliott, van Wieringen, and Hibbard) and some are enjoyable but not what could rightly be called ‘groundbreaking’ or ‘noteworthy’ (Sweeney).  The others (Middlemas and Wagner) are engaging and helpful.

This volume will be of interest to Isaiah specialists.  And it should be read by them.  To say more would be to say too much.  Accordingly, I leave this volume to the hands and eyes of those who will engage with it.

Total Depravity is Totally Depraved in Pennsylvania

Two words- gross.  Gross.

Quote of the Day

“I know no better tonic for me than anger. If I wish to write, pray, or preach well, then I need to become angry; thus all my being is refreshed, my wits are sharpened, and all temptations flee.” — Martin Luther

An Oldie But a Goodie: Whose Land is Palestine?

This Land Is Mine from Nina Paley on Vimeo.

John Foxe Wasn’t Just a Bad Historian*…

He was also an exorcist!

*- Few books have been written in a more biased, historically inaccurate, way than Foxes Book of Martyrs.  It is to historical compositions what Strong’s Concordance is to the accurate representation of the biblical languages.

In Days Gone By…

It was bad to be a heretic…

Today the ‘progressives’ disdain only orthodoxy, embracing every deviant theology they can dig up.