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It’s The Truth

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More Thomas Römer

Because you can never have enought TR.

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Religious Polls: Are they Trustworthy?

Unsurprisingly, no.

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America is Getting Dumber by the Hour

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May 5th, 1985

That’s the day, 34 years ago, that I was ordained.  What would I tell my younger self about ministry if I could time travel back to that day?

  • Most Church people are kind, helpful, and willing to serve
  • Some Church people are hurtful, selfish, and willing only to be served
  • It will take at least 2 years knowing each sort before you figure out which sort they are
  • Ministry is a thankless task; expect very little appreciation
  • Lower your expectations of people, you’ll be less stressed out
  • In every Church there is at least one thorn in the flesh sent by God to remind you that you depend on Him and not people
  • If you have 5 true friends, count yourself blessed
  • Church people will turn on you in a second.  Disagreements among friends usually end up in reconciliation.  Disagreements with some Church members will only be resolved when they have driven you off
  • Reveal your feelings about others to no one
  • Expect Church people to let you down
  • Pray without ceasing
  • In everything give thanks
  • Find something you enjoy doing outside of ministry, completely disconnected from the life of the Church, and do it every day
  • Don’t forget your family
  • Find a true friend
  • Other Pastors won’t be that true friend
  • Never trust any Church member who says, the moment they meet you, ‘I’ll always be there for you’. They’re lying.  They will be the first to stab you in the back
  • Make sure your zipper is up before you enter the pulpit
  • Never go into the home of a woman when she is there alone, and never ever meet with a woman without the door open and someone in the next room.  Ever.  For any reason
  • Don’t rely on Church workers working
  • Don’t post things before you proofread them
  • Retire and don’t supply, fill in, or otherwise preach.  No other professional keeps on doing what they’ve done for a lifetime when they retire.  Why should you

If I could time travel, these are the things I would tell my younger self.


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Aufbruch und Widerspruch: Schweizer Theologinnen und Theologen im 20. und 21. Jahrhundert

Das vorliegende ökumenische Handbuch versammelt Biografien von 55 massgeblichen theologischen Persönlichkeiten aus der Schweiz. Sie alle haben im 20. Jahrhundert und bis in die neueste Zeit das theologische Verstehen und ethische Handeln in den Kirchen, an den Universitäten und in der Gesellschaft reflektiert und geprägt, sei es in biblischer, ökumenischer oder interreligiöser Hinsicht, sei es aus historischer, systematischer oder praktischer Perspektive.

Wie in den beiden Vorgängerbänden (I: 1990; II: 1998) konzentrieren sich die von verschiedenen Autoren und Autorinnen verfassten Artikel auf exemplarische Werkanalysen, persönliche Begegnungen und die spezifische Stossrichtung des theologischen Denkens. Sie bieten eine knappe, informative Übersicht zu Leben und Werk der porträtierten Persönlichkeiten, inklusive einer Bibliografie. So führt dieser Band ein faszinierendes Geschichtswerk weiter und skizziert zugleich die aktuelle Landschaft der römisch-katholischen, evangelisch-reformierten und christkatholischen Theologie der Schweiz.

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Signs of the Times

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