Farewell Philip: The Day Melanchthon Died

19 Apr

Today marks the anniversary of the death of Philip Melanchthon.   He once said

‘The catholic doctrine, say some, has a few trifling blemishes here and there; while we and our friends have been making a great noise without any cause … That is a mistake. Let not the pontiff and the great monarchs of christendom shut their eyes to the diseases of the Church. They ought, on the contrary, to acknowledge that these pretended trifling blemishes destroy the essential doctrines of the faith, and lead men into idolatry and manifest sin.’


‘As for the Roman pontiff’s claim to transfer kingdoms from one prince to another, that concerns neither the Gospel nor the Church; and it is the business of kings to combat that unjust pretension.’


‘Remission of sins ought to be accompanied by a change of life; but this remission is not given us because of this new life; it conies to us only through mercy, and is given to us solely because of Christ.’


‘We must teach the people that the saints are not more merciful than Jesus Christ, and that we must not transfer to them the confidence due to Christ alone.


‘The monasteries must be converted into schools.’


‘Celibacy must be abolished, for most of the priests live in open uncleanness.’

And finally

‘O that the Lord Jesus Christ would look down from heaven and restore the Church for which he suffered to a pious and perpetual union, which may cause his glory to shine afar!’

Read a bit more Melanchthon today.

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