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Another Day, Another Shooting

Police in Sevierville say at least one person has been injured in a shooting at a busy shopping center Tuesday afternoon. The shooting was reported around 4 p.m. at Five Oaks Mall, which houses Tanger Outlets and other stores.  Police say there is no danger to the public and the shopping center is open. A spokesperson says this is not an active shooter situation.


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Greater and Lesser Miracles

Divine Providence is an inscrutable thing.  Take, for instance, the fire that destroyed much of the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris yesterday. By any account a terrible tragedy.  Nonetheless, miraculously, no one was hurt or killed.  Given the amount of traffic in that fantastic structure each day that’s no small thing and Divine Providence was clearly at work protecting visitors and workers.

A lesser miracle, it seems to me, is the preservation of the Altar Cross that has become such a talking point amongst the crowds-

I have to admit, I’m not seeing very much of the miraculous here.  The preservation of an altar and a cross seem, at best, a bit of a minor thing.  Especially when compared with the lives spared or, alternatively, what to me would have been an even greater miracle: the inability of the flames to take hold in the first place.

The greatest miracle, it seems to me, is if the fire had never started.  But then of course no one would even notice that as they haven’t noticed that before, there, or many other places and on many other days.

The greatest miracle isn’t that terrible things are somewhat thwarted.  The greatest miracle is that terrible awful dreadful things don’t happen every single day and hour to each and every one of us.

For that miracle, we are ungrateful.  We don’t even think about it most of the time.  Or, in other words, great miracles take place in our lives every day and pass unnoticed, because our foolish eyes are closed to the daily mercies of God.

On the rare occasion that a dreadfulness occurs, we take notice if it isn’t a total and complete destruction.  And on other days, all those many other days, we blithely, blindly, and foolishly take God for granted and utterly ignore all of his loving protection.

What fools we are, and what blindness has stricken us.

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Paula Fredricksen’s Lecture

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Winter is Coming….

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New by Ulrich Luz


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