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Keep your hands to yourself, let people go about their lives, and LEAVE THEM ALONE.

A transgender woman in Texas was assaulted on Friday in what authorities called an apparent “act of mob violence” and a possible hate crime.

Relatives of the victim, who authorities have not identified, told NBC Dallas-Fort Worth that she was kicked and beaten to the point of unconsciousness.

The Dallas Police Department said in a statement that the assault occurred late Friday night after a minor traffic accident at an apartment complex south of downtown Dallas.

“The guy just got out and started stomping on her and kicking her and fighting her,” the woman’s grandmother, Debora Booker, told the station. “I was like, ‘Over a car?’”

Clips of the video published by NBC Dallas-Fort Worth showed a group of people carrying someone.

The victim told officers that her assailants, who were not identified, used homophobic slurs, the department said.

The department was examining evidence to determine if a hate crime occurred, the statement added.



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The End

Your debauchery will recoil on yourselves, and you will bear the weight of the sins committed with your foul idols and you will know that I am the Lord Yahweh.” ‘ (Ezek. 23:49)

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Before You Quote The Bible…

Know the context. Or else.

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Holy Week’s Denoument

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Staring into the Well: This Week’s Dilly Winner

If you need an example of the phenomenon in historical Jesus studies known as ‘gazing into the well and seeing one’s own reflection,’ this is it.

That isn’t Jesus that Fugelsang sees, but himself.  The historical Jesus is unknowable.  We have only texts from partisans who had no interest in portraying the Jesus of History, but only of portraying the Christ of faith.  So, John, here’s your Dilly-

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The Coming Judgment

If you do not obey the voice of Yahweh your God, and do not keep and observe all his commandments and laws which I am laying down for you today then all these curses will befall and overtake you. ‘You will be accursed in the town and accursed in the countryside; accursed, your basket and your kneading trough; accursed, the offspring of your body, the yield of your soil, the young of your cattle and the increase of your flock. You will be accursed in coming home, and accursed in going out.

‘Yahweh will send a curse on you, a spell, an imprecation on all your labours until you have been destroyed and quickly perish, because of your perverse behaviour, for having deserted me. Yahweh will fasten the plague on you, until it has exterminated you from the country which you are about to enter and make your own. Yahweh will strike you down with consumption, fever, inflammation, burning fever, drought, wind-blast, mildew, and these will pursue you to your ruin. The heavens above you will be brass, the earth beneath you iron. Your country’s rain Yahweh will turn into dust and sand; it will fall on you from the heavens until you perish. 


Yahweh will have you defeated by your enemies; you will advance on them from one direction and flee from them in seven; and you will be a terrifying object-lesson to all the kingdoms of the world. Your carcase will be carrion for all wild birds and all wild animals, with no one to scare them away. ‘Yahweh will strike you down with Egyptian ulcers, with swellings in the groin, with scurvy and the itch, for which you will find no cure.

Yahweh will strike you down with madness, blindness, distraction of mind,  until you grope your way at noon like a blind man groping in the dark, and your steps will lead you nowhere. ‘You will never be anything but exploited and plundered, with no one to save you. Get engaged to a woman, another man will have her; build a house, you will not live in it; plant a vineyard, you will not gather its first-fruits.  Your ox will be slaughtered before your eyes and you will eat none of it; your donkey will be carried off in front of you and not be returned to you; your sheep will be given to your enemies, and no one will come to your help. Your sons and daughters will be handed over to another people, and every day you will wear your eyes out watching for them, while your hands are powerless. A nation hitherto unknown to you will eat the yield of your soil and of all your hard work. You will never be anything but exploited and crushed.

You will be driven mad by the sights you will see. Yahweh will strike you down with foul ulcers on knee and leg, for which you will find no cure — from the sole of your foot to the top of your head. ‘Yahweh will send away both you and the king whom you have appointed to rule you to a nation unknown either to you or to your ancestors, and there you will serve other gods, made of wood and stone. And you will be the astonishment, the byword, the laughing-stock of all the peoples where Yahweh is taking you.

‘You will cast seed in plenty on the fields but harvest little, since the locust will devour it. You will plant and till your vineyards but not drink the wine or gather the grapes, since the grub will eat them up. You will grow olive trees throughout your territory but not anoint yourself with the oil, since your olive trees will be cut down. You will father sons and daughters but they will not belong to you, since they will go into captivity.  All your trees and the whole yield of your soil will be the prey of insects. ‘The foreigners living with you will rise higher and higher at your expense, while you yourself sink lower and lower. You will be subject to them, not they to you; they will be the ones at the head, and you the one at the tail.

‘All these curses will befall you, pursue you and overtake you until you have been destroyed, for not having obeyed the voice of Yahweh your God by keeping his commandments and laws which he has laid down for you. (Deut. 28:15-45)

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Kick Him Out of the Family

An Indiana man is suing his parents for throwing out his pornography collection.  He says it was not an ordinary collection and was worth tens of thousands of dollars.

The man moved back into his parent’s home in October of 2016 following a divorce and he did household chores in lieu of paying rent.  But he moved out just 10 months later in December 2017.  He claims that when his parents delivered boxes of his stuff to his new home, many of his possessions were missing. His parents allegedly told him they destroyed his porn collection.

Ok several things here- his parents didn’t have to let him stay there; they didn’t have to store his garbage; and if he wanted his filth he should have picked it up.  They had every right to burn his junk.  They should have.

People are so garbagy.

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Save the Date: The 2020 Hawarden OT in the NT Conference

Via the undersigned-

Dear colleagues,

Many thanks to all the presenters and participants at the 2019 Annual Seminar on the Use of the OT in the NT, which came to a successful close yesterday.

The dates for next year’s gathering (again at Gladstone’s Library, Hawarden, North Wales) have been agreed, so we will meet from the evening of Thursday 2nd April until after lunch on Saturday 4th April. 2020. We will again be looking to focus our discussions particularly, but not exclusively, on the re-use within the NT of themes, motifs and narrative structures drawn from Israel’s scriptures (rather than specific citations). Further details will follow in due course, but please save the date if you’d like to join us. I hope to see many of you in Hawarden next April, and in the meantime send best wishes to you all for Eastertide and beyond.

Professor Susan Docherty
Professor of New Testament and Early Judaism/Head of Theology
Newman University Birmingham

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