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Your Melanchthon Moment

A guest post by Ralph Keen-

Those who fail to give Greek its due importance in theological matters are “oppressed by blindness, satanic error, ignorance and hatred of God, and eternal death, and no punishment in hell can be more horrible than theirs” (CR 11, 862).


6 and Dead Because Her 4 Year Old Brother Was Playing With a Loaded Gun

Why aren’t the parents in jail?  Why?????????????

A 6-year-old Georgia girl died this week after her 4-year-old brother accidentally shot her in the head in a car outside their home, authorities said.

The girl, identified as Millie Drew Kelly on a GoFundMe site set up for the family, was shot Monday evening at their subdivision about a 40-minute drive northwest of downtown Atlanta, the Paulding County Sheriff’s Office said.

The siblings were in a car in their driveway, preparing to go to the boy’s baseball game, when the vehicle failed to start. The mother exited to try to find out what was wrong with the car, authorities said.

The boy took a gun from the car’s console and accidentally fired it while his mother was outside, striking his sister in the head, the sheriff’s office said.

Emergency responders were called and took her to an Atlanta-area hospital. Two days later, detectives learned the girl had died, the sheriff’s office said.

Detectives determined that no charges will be filed.

WHY NOT????????????????????????  It is RIDICULOUS not to hold the parents accountable for negligent homicide at the very least.   And frankly if you leave a loaded gun lying around and a child dies, you should be charged with first degree murder. What a country…….  Stupid gunslingers and their disregard for the smallest among us.

White Woman Hires a Man to Kill her Ex-Boyfriend, so Naturally She Gets 10 Years… Probation

The American ‘justice system’ is a total joke.

A Roane County woman was sentenced after she pled guilty to trying to hire a hitman to kill her ex-boyfriend.

Laura Buckingham was sentenced to serve 10 years on supervised probation and will not have serve any additional jail time.

The person Buckingham tried to hire to kill her ex-boyfriend turned out to be a TBI agent.

She entered a guilty plea back in Decemeber to solicitation to commit first degree murder, which carries a sentence of eight to 30 years. Because she has no prior criminal history, the sentence is only eight to 12 years. In return for the plea, the state agreed to a sentence of 10 years.

Buckingham admitted that she spoke in February 2016 with an undercover TBI agent to have Brad Sutherland, a resident of New Jersey and father of her child, killed by the undercover agent. There are two separate audio recordings of their conversations.

Lucky for her she isn’t a Black man.  He would have been gunned down without a trial.  What a disgusting farce.

People… I Doubt there are 10 Righteous for Whose Sake the World Should Be Spared

The righteous are outnumbered by the vile.

A Phoenix man who thought his wife was having an affair killed her, two of their young daughters and a man, police said Friday.

Austin Smith was booked on suspicion of four counts of first-degree murder, two counts of attempted first-degree murder and three counts of aggravated assault, Sgt. Tommy Thompson said.

Bail was set at $2 million, court records show. A Maricopa County Superior Court sent Smith’s case to the local public defender’s office. But no specific attorney had been assigned to him by Friday evening.

Smith was arrested Thursday evening as he drove from an apartment complex where officers had responded to a shooting. There, they found the body of 46-year-old Ron Freeman. A woman and another man were shot and wounded at the complex, Thompson said.

Police initially said that Smith thought that the man who was killed was romantically involved with his wife, but a probable cause statement later filed in court said the suspect thought it was his brother, who was not named in the document, who was having an affair with her. The victim, described as a family friend, told Smith “he was crazy” before Smith killed him.

Officers who went to Smith’s home later Thursday found his wife, 29-year-old Dasia Patterson, and their 5-year-old daughter, Nasha Smith, dead from gunshot wounds. Their 7-year-old daughter, Mayan Smith, died from apparent blunt-force trauma, and the couple’s 3-year-old daughter was found uninjured under a bed at the family’s home.

“It is my understanding that for whatever reason he elected not to shoot her,” Thompson said.

The suspect told detectives during an interview that he believed “in God’s eyes it was all right for him to deal with someone in this manner who had been involved in adultery or an extramarital affair,” Thompson said.

Don’t presume to speak for God, vile wretch.  God, by rights, should strike you dead.  At any rate, hell will enjoy you.

If You’re Ever in Knoxville When Rossini Fest is Happening, Go

It’s a great festival.

Quote of the Day

What man fails to bring into the temple of God, he is sure to set up on the outside as a rival object of worship. – Gerhardus Vos

I’ll Say ‘The Underlying Hebrew Text Here Suggests…’ As Often As I Must…

Every now and then some pompous windbag decries the use of Greek and Hebrew in sermons. You know the sort- ‘One should never use biblical languages in sermons’… Shut up.

Sometimes it is completely appropriate to mention the Grundtext in order to clarify and explain a text’s meaning. English translations frequently ignore the nuance of the biblical text and such nuance is essential to understanding the passage.

Ignoring the Grundtext is stupid in the first place. It’s akin to going to the doctor and him telling you ‘you have an owie’ but saying nothing more. Who could be satisfied by that?

If you know the biblical languages don’t be afraid to use them when you need them to explain a text more fully. If you don’t know the biblical languages- well you should just quit preaching anyway. And if some imbecile tells you not to say ‘the underlying Greek text of this phrase in this context implies…’ then you tell them to shove off because you’re not going to leave your hearers ignorant of the text.

A Film About the Cairo Genizah

ETC has the 411.

(The kids love it when I use their lingo).

CNN Should Keep Quiet about Christianity’s Future

CNN pretending to see the future is a joke. The history of the church is the history of a pendulum swinging between left and right. In the future, the backlash against today’s fake Christianity will be enormous. Future Christians will be far more authentically Christian than the left imagines.

Gaga-ism will be relegated to the dustbin and so will Pence-ianity as neither are examples of authentic, biblically faithful Christian faith.

The Anniversary of the First Performance of Handel’s “Messiah”

[In 1742 a] group of Dublin charities approached Handel to compose a work for a benefit performance. The money raised would help free men from debtor’s prison, and Handel would receive a generous commission. Now with a text and a motivation, Handel began composing Messiah on August 22, 1741. Within six days, Part One was finished. In nine more, Part Two. Six more and Part Three was done. It took him only an additional two days to finish the orchestration. Handel composed like a man obsessed. He rarely left his room and rarely touched his meals.

But in 24 days he had composed 260 pages—an immense physical feat. When he finished writing what would become known as the Hallelujah Chorus, he said, “I did think I did see all Heaven before me, and the great God himself.”

Though the performance of the piece again caused controversy (Jonathan Swift, author of Gulliver’s Travels and then the dean of Saint Patrick’s Cathedral, was outraged and initially refused to allow his musicians to participate), the premiere on April 13, 1742, at the Fishamble Street Musick Hall was a sensation. An overcapacity crowd of 700 people attended, raising 400 pounds to release 142 men from prison. (The demand for tickets was so great that men were asked not to wear their swords and women asked not to wear hoops in their skirts, allowing 100 extra people into the audience. Such hoops immediately fell out of fashion for concerts.)*

Interesting, isn’t it, that Handel’s most famous work stems from his willingness to help a prison charity.

*In 131 Christians everyone should know (pp. 113–114).

This is So Profoundly Vile

 A 24-year-old man was arrested Friday in an incident in which a 5-year-old child may have been pushed or thrown from a balcony at the Mall of America, police said.

Bloomington Police Chief Jeffrey Potts said witnesses told police that the child may have been pushed or thrown from the mall’s third level to the first floor on Friday. Officers gave first aid but the 5-year-old child suffered “significant injuries” and had been taken to a hospital, Potts said.

Potts said the suspect took off running right after the incident but was quickly found and arrested at the mall.

He said police don’t think there is any relationship between the man and the child or the child’s family. He says police don’t have an idea about possible motive.

“At this point we believe this is an isolated incident,” Potts said. “We’re actively trying to figure out why this occurred.”

No details were immediately available about the child’s condition.

Who does such a thing?  A vile inhuman demonic monster, that’s who.

Brunner: on Atheism

“… convinced atheists, who deny the existence of God, are not usually outstanding thinkers…”  – Emil Brunner

Proper Library Rules

These rules apply to my personal library as well (which, frankly, I only allow visitors in once a year or so)…