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Quote of the Day

Those who are a prey to obstinate hypocrisy can never be persuaded by the most skillful argument to confess what they really feel and have in their hearts. Yet the more persistently they refuse, the more certainly are they understood by the spiritual physician. For “he that is spiritual judgeth all things” — Huldrych Zwingli

More on the Bulla

A Really Delightful Biblical Studies Carnival

Nicely done, Mr Milkman.

So How Did Robert Deutsch’s Unprovenanced Bulla Come to be Incarnated as a Provenanced Find this Week?

So how does a bulla published by Deutsch that’s unprovenanced suddenly end up as a news item that declares its discovery in a controlled excavation?  Hmmm?

NB– Chris Rollston has a post on this week’s discovery.  As always, it’s worth a look.

Megachurch = Megacult

Here’s another example of that simple fact.

To current members of Joshua Media Ministries International, the Taylor-based organization represents a path to the kingdom of God; a journey shepherded by a full-fledged prophet.

To former members, though, the multimillion-dollar church at 20320 Superior Road that police monitor daily is “a slave labor cult” operating on an unholy trinity of intimidation, manipulation and greed.

Give it a read.

Zwingli’s Warning Against Folly

An appropriate warning for folly day-

Zwingli optWhere persons assemble in social gatherings, every youth attending them should see to it that he go away morally benefited; so that he may not, as Socrates complains, always come home morally worse than he was before. He should therefore be watchful and diligent to follow the example of those who conduct themselves honorably and uprightly on social occasions; but, on the other hand, when he observes persons behaving themselves unbecomingly or shamefully, let him beware of imitating them.

Those, however, who are grown up and have become bold and fixed in their habits are hardly able to restrain themselves in this manner; therefore my advice is, that the youth should attend public gatherings, for social purposes, all the more rarely. Should a youth perchance be led into the folly of others, he ought by all means to turn away from it and should come to himself at the earliest moment. His reason for thus withdrawing from such association will satisfy those persons who know that his desire is, always to be intent on doing what is noblest and best.

An Oldie But a Goodie: When Arnold Schooled the Troll

Geography: According to Fox News

Illustrated Wall Maps of the Bible

Hendrickson distributes here in the States the amazingly useful and carefully produced Carta edition of bible maps described below:

Carta’s Illustrated Wall Maps of the Bible is a package of 12 beautiful maps ideal for classrooms. 40″ x 28″ unfolded and covering the entire Bible epoch, these Bible maps are specially designed as a teacher’s aid and can be used in conjunction with our Atlas of the Bible, a handy reference index and chronological book (8.5″ x 11). One copy is included in the boxed set, but is also available separately. Carta’s large Illustrated Maps of the Bible are made for use in schools, Sunday schools, Bible classes, Bible Colleges or seminaries.

It comes in a sturdy box and the maps included are made of heavy glossy paper (much thicker, for example, than the road map in your car’s glovebox*) and includes maps and city plans.  They are quite large sheets at 40 x 28 and are ideal for classroom work, whether the classroom be at a college, seminary, Church, or house church Bible study.

Maps and charts are so utterly indispensable when it comes to illuminating biblical places.  Describing the region of the Galilee is one thing but showing a map of it is quite another.  These maps are ideal.

Here’s a couple of photos of me holding a couple of them so you get a sense of their size:

And the set also includes a book which lists the contents and provides a geographical index so if you are looking for a particular location you simply look it up by name and the map number and grid location is provided.

If you are lacking a set of maps for instructional purposes I would recommend this particular edition.  It’s really quite helpful.  I will make use of it, a lot.

*For the millennials, a road map is something printed on paper which drivers used to carry around in their cars before the invention of phones with maps on them and gps directions.

Signs of the Times

Cromwell Thinks Your April Fool Nonsense is Stupid

#OnThisDay 1 April 1656 Oliver Cromwell issues an edict banning ‘All Fool’s Day’, for “the greater protection of public order and worthy humour”. This was not repealed at the Restoration and is still technically statute today. #FunFact #OTD #17thCentury

Via the Cromwell Museum.

The Reformation in Black and White: Zwingli, Books, and Bibles

If you are in Zurich, or anywhere in Switzerland, Germany, Austria, or anywhere- go to this program on April 12.

Schreiben, Drucken, Übersetzen – Die Reformation löste ein stetes Ringen mit den Ursprüngen und Deutungen in der Welt der geschriebenen und gedruckten Buchstaben aus. Die fünfte Ausgabe unserer Veranstaltungsreihe widmet sich nach den Personen und Orten nun zwei Aspekten des schriftlichen Vermächtnisses in Zürich: Zwinglis Privatbibliothek, die Grundlage für sein Schreiben und Denken war, sowie die Schriften, Bibeln und Drucke, die im Grossmünster aufbewahrt werden und nun in einer Ausstellung Zeugnis über die reformatorische Wirkungsgeschichte an diesem Ort ablegen.

Wir lernen in dieser Veranstaltung den Reformator von einer neuen Seite kennen: Wir wissen über den Leutpriester, dass er gerne las, vor allem griechische Klassiker, und dass er verschiedene Bibliotheken konsultierte. Zudem besass er selber eine stattliche Privatbibliothek von über 440 Titeln. Die Privatbibliothek eines Gelehrten ist bekanntlich der Spiegel seiner intellektuellen Vorlieben sowie seiner Forschungs- und Tätigkeitsgebiete. Dies trifft auch für die Büchersammlung des Zürcher Reformators zu, von der noch 205 Titel gefunden werden konnten. Der Vortrag von Dr. Urs Leu gibt einen Einblick in diesen interessanten Fundus und weist auf verschiedene Neuentdeckungen hin.

And more.

The Funniest April Fool’s Joke a TV Network Has Ever Pulled

Oh History Channel, you slay me!  Well played!!!!!  HAHAHAHAHA

The Funniest April Fool’s Joke a Publisher Has Ever Pulled

Hahahahahah! Can you imagine a real book like this???? Hahahaha.

Well done, Fortress, well done!

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America is Doomed

We live in a country where an innocent and well intentioned pat on the arm or shoulder now gets you in more trouble than the vilest most depraved immoral behavior does.

And if you can’t see how very wrong that is, you are the problem.