Q&A with the Author of How the Bible Is Written

VERY good interview. 2 Thumbs up. 3 if you have them.

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In How the Bible Is Written, Gary Rendsburg unpacks the literary devices behind the Hebrew Bible (a.k.a. the Old Testament). He delves into how the ancient Israelite literati (to borrow his term) used alliteration, wordplay, repetition with variation, style-switching, and other devices to deliver the biblical narrative in effective and beautiful ways. For readers who’ve typically approached the Bible for its moral teachings and historical information rather than its artistry, Rendsburg provides an exciting new lens for better understanding and appreciating the Old Testament.

Two of our editors, Jonathan Kline and Tirzah Frank, put together the following fourteen questions that Rendsburg responded to! Read on to learn more about the book’s content, as well as some interesting background information on the formation of the book.

1. What initially drew you to the topic of how the Bible is written?

I was an English major as an undergraduate, plus I…

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