Jesus: His Life – ‘Serving Old Wine in a New Bottle’

CNN had some guy I’ve never heard of review the first night of the History Channel’s go at Jesus for Easter.  He writes

According to History, the project represents an effort to tell Jesus’ story “in a new way.” Yet “Jesus: His Life” basically feels like a classic example of one of Hollywood’s most familiar pursuits — namely, merely serving old wine in a new bottle.


The producers include author and megachurch pastor Joel Osteen, who is among the various faith leaders interviewed.


Like so many of these dramatic/documentary hybrids, the collision of having these characters “narrate” their experiences, augmented by commentary from experts and academics, doesn’t really work on either score. The running commentary makes it difficult to get caught up in the drama, while the intricate nature of the dramatization introduces a florid element closer to Cecil B. DeMille epics than serious history and scholarship.

Read the rest your own self.  Personally, I’m waiting for Deane to review it.  And though, as I’ve said before of it, I admire the work of Nicola Denzey Lewis, Mark Goodacre, and Candida Moss; the entire genre of ‘bible specials’ that I’ve watched over the years have left me nothing but disappointed and annoyed.  So I’m skipping it.

NB- For a more positive take on the first evening’s fun, Paul Anderson has a piece on Bible and Interpretation.

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