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Signs of the Times

3 Teenagers Assaulted an Autistic Boy and Set His Hair on Fire, and People Stood by and Filmed It…

This is where we are in this country.  This is who we are becoming more every day as the cancer of hatred spreads.

It’s not bad enough that people do these things, it’s that other people watch them do it without stopping them

Three 19-year-olds in New Hampshire have been indicted by a grand jury on accusations they assaulted another teen, lit his hair on fire and threatened his life.

Police said the incident was recorded on video by others who watched it all unfold in court documents police describe the 18-year old victim as having a low-level autism disorder and as having visual bruising when he and his mother reported the incident the next day.

Victim statements allege that Isreal Rivera quote “he hit me in the face three times, twice on each side and once on the chin. after that I was completely humiliated, most of the people at the house were spitting on me, physically abusing me, flicking ash in my hair, kicking me and making me admit crimes I did not commit.”

Wretches.  Depraved and evil wretches.

Call For Papers

Call for Papers

We invite paper proposals for the conference “Urtext, Archetype, Fluidity or Textual Convergence, The Quest for the Texts of the Hebrew Bible” (5-7 November, Metz – France), especially from advanced doctoral students, recent PhDs, and Postdocs, whose work addresses the questions of the conference.

Please refer to the detailed description found at this page:


Proposal: 1500-2000 words
Deadline: 15th May 2019

Jean-Sebastien Rey, Metz (jean-sebastien.rey@univ-lorraine.fr)
Stefan Schorch, Halle (stefan.schorch@theologie.uni-halle.de)

Fun Facts From Church History: Luther’s Name

Most folk think that ‘Luther’ is a form of the family name ‘Luder’ and that Martin Luther simply took to spelling his name in the more modern format.

Not so.  Rather, sometime after the 95 Theses made him well known he adopted the Greek name Ελευθηριυς and though he signed his work with that name for a bit he finally shortened it to the simple ‘Luther’ because he was the ‘freed one’.  See further the discussion in L. Roper ‘Martin Luther’ and the notes thereto (p. 86).

If Your Local Church Seems More Like a Theater Than a House of Worship… Just Remember…

When you have the gospel at your worship service you don’t need gimmicks and when you have faithful preaching you don’t need pandering to those wishing just to watch a show.

A Film from Frontline

Quote of the Day

“The struggle to speak the truth transcends mere morality. At its most fundamental level, it is a struggle to rightly relate to and participate in reality itself. To ‘live a lie’ borders on not living at all – and is a synonym for hell” — Fr Stephen Freeman

Via James Harding

Jordan Peterson’s Books Have Been Banned

Buchläden in Neuseeland verbannen Jordan Peterson aus dem Regal

Vor dem Terroranschlag in Christchurch posierte Bestsellerautor Jordan Peterson, Liebling der globalen Rechten, mit einem selbst ernannten Islamhasser. In Neuseeland dreht sich die Stimmung gegen ihn.

Well done! It couldn’t have happened to a more deplorable wretch.

Exsurge, Domine!

“Arise, judge of the world, give back the proud what they deserve! How long are the wicked, Yahweh, how long are the wicked to triumph? They bluster and boast, they flaunt themselves, all the evil-doers.” (Ps. 94:2-4)

Bullinger: Dispensing the Truth

bullinger90The belly being full, either no prayers at all, or else fat and unwieldy prayers, are made.  — Heinrich Bullinger

The Zwingli Film is a Prize Winner


Der Schweizer Film Zwingli ist am Schweizer Filmpreis für das beste Kostüm sowie das beste Szenenbild ausgezeichnet worden. Für eine Überraschung sorgte der Film Ceux qui travaillent. Er wurde als bester Spielfilm, für das beste Drehbuch und die beste Darstellung in einer Nebenrolle geehrt.

Etc. Congrats!