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Jess Hilarious Isn’t, But She is a Racist

You know her- she’s the woman who had a hissy fit so loud that she got four decent Sikhs kicked off a flight when by all rights she is the one that should have been removed.

And she’s not alone in her absurd racism against Sikhs.

On Sunday afternoon, Instagram comedian Jess Hilarious posted a set of Instagram videos that have since been deleted. In them, Jess identifies four Sikhs on her flight and says their presence makes her feel “threatened.”

In one of the videos that has been preserved, she zooms in on a Sikh man boarding in front of her, inhales audibly to indicate her fear and asks, “Where you going? Where are you going?!” The flight was later deplaned (for yet unknown reasons), and Jess posted in follow-up videos that the Sikhs did not return to the plane.

Read the whole and don’t be a racist jerk like Jess.

Breaking News

You don’t get to decide what ‘Christian’ means.  That was settled 2000 years ago.  Accordingly, your ‘personal definition’ of what it means to be a Christian is utterly meaningless.

Either Their Bible Doesn’t Have Hebrews in it Or They Just Don’t Care What the Bible Says

Either way, a Christian absent from worship is no Christian.

Signs of the Times

I Just Don’t Understand Why We Have to Mimic Everything the World Does…


Are we so bereft of thought and ideas that we have to copy anything and everything?

It Is Imperative that Christians in America Learn to Resist Nationalism and Racism

And we need to learn it from those good Germans who resisted nationalism and racism in the 30’s and 40′s.

And we need to learn it before it’s too late. If it isn’t already.

You Can’t Call Yourself a Leader if You Don’t Lead by Example

I’m a “church leader” who doesn’t really go to church, declares a chap who also writes I love the church. It’s harder to love specific congregations.

Bad news, sparky, but you don’t love the Church if you don’t love specific congregations.  Ethereal ‘love’ isn’t love, it’s a notion one holds onto when one doesn’t want to love in deed but just in word.

Saying that one is a church leader when one immediately then says one doesn’t attend is akin to someone saying I’m a singer who doesn’t carry a tune or  I’m a mechanic but I never work on cars. I’m a doctor, but I don’t see patients. I’m a shoe salesman but i don’t work at a shoe store.  In sum, it is an empty claim.

I don’t think my wife and I need a church to be perfect. What we’re seeking is just enough: just enough community, just enough worshipful spirit, just enough truth. But I’m starting to realize that to find this, I need to look inward first.

Me church is for you then.  Attend here and you’ll fit right in.  It’s where all the people who want to fancy themselves real Christians attend while simultaneously they do as little as they can to live like believers and set an example for other believers.

‘Trend’? As in More than One Idiot is Doing This?

The world needs to end.  And, by the way, evolution is a lie.  If evolution were true, these idiots would have been weeded out of the gene pool millennia ago.

Everyone Makes the World a Better Place

Some make it a better place when they come into it and live a life that brings peace and comfort to the lives of those around them; and some make it better when they die, leaving behind a life lived in selfishness, greed, and the mere accumulation of wealth.

Every person decides, by the living of their life, whether the world is better because they are in it or better when they leave it.

Introduction : Bible hébraïque et Ancien Testament. Comment peut-on dater les textes bibliques ?

Go here– to hear Thomas Römer of the Collège de France;  the audio lecture is on the right of the page.  You’ll see it.

Rep. Andrew McDaniel of Missouri is a Moron

…a ploy to bait the left‘.  What does it say of a person who does something despicable to make a point?   It says they are incapable of rational thought, of reason, and that they should never be allowed to hold public office. It says they are a moron.  Mr McDaniel is a moron.

Read the whole report.  Here’s the interesting bit

Soon, McDaniel was forced to clarify that he didn’t — technically speaking — support his own bills, at least not as written.

He wants the tax credits for firearms purchases, but that part about requiring everyone to own a gun? It was a tactic to try to bait the left.

“I wanted the media and the other side to jump on it, to show that our Second Amendment rights are under attack,” McDaniel said. “I don’t actually support mandates, hardly ever.”

But he didn’t expect the national media to get involved, a development that has cast a harsh light on his efforts, he said, because of the timing of the mosque attacks in New Zealand. He called the massacre, which left 50 people dead, “horrific” and said he “should have known” that the media would seize on his legislation in the wake of a tragedy. It’s true, he acknowledged, that his intention had been to elicit breathless coverage in the press, but only from “local news organizations,” he said.

What a prattish tool.  America deserves better politicians than this.  Or maybe it doesn’t.  Maybe this kind of moronic thinking is precisely what this gun loving immigrant hating godless God forsaken country deserves, in spades.

‘To preach a sermon that is not yours is a deceit; it is hypocrisy; it is pretense.’

So Scot McKnight on the modern plague of lazy preachers who preach plagiarized sermons.  Read the whole essay, and then STOP PLAGIARIZING YOUR SERMON, you lazy liar.

Multi Campus Churches…

Are an abomination as they exist only to stoke the ego of the ‘Senior’ Pastor.

Signs of the Times

Why Christians Ought to, Need To, Get To Worship Services

From an essay in the Raleigh News and Observer:

Here are the reasons why, all things being equal, Christians must go to church:

Christianity is a team sport. Permit me a humble analogy. You might see yourself as a terrific baseball pitcher. But if you only throw baseballs in your backyard at a plywood cutout, you won’t progress. You’re not even really playing baseball.

To discover the full extent of your abilities, to understand the true game, you need a catcher, a coach, infielders and outfielders — and even someone standing in the batter’s box ready to swat your best fastball right back at you.

Same with being a Christian. You can’t do it well by yourself.

Communion is among our faith’s central sacraments, a ritual that celebrates Christians as members of a spiritual, God-ordained community. We’re many individuals who, joined together with Jesus and each other, form one great cosmic body. It’s in our spiritual DNA that we rely on one another; no one stands alone.

Attendance is commanded. The writer of Hebrews, for instance, warns us never to forsake assembling together with our brothers and sisters.

It’s not all about you. We’re sent to church to serve others as much as we’re sent there to be served. Believe it or not, you possess gifts and talents your brothers and sisters need. If you’re not present, you’re denying them benefits God intended them to enjoy.

Your fellow parishioners, including your pastor, will make you mad, hurt your feelings and get on your last nerve. This is exactly what’s supposed to happen. Finding ourselves offended and disappointed lets us see just how shallow and petty we are. It sands down our rough edges. We discover that, by gosh, we’re no better than all those other hymn-warbling yahoos!

Also, watching God work miracles through the smelly, imperfect, hypocritical men and women who make up a congregation reveals to us the unfathomable depths of God’s grace and love. It renews our faith. We realize he can use anybody — even us.

Your fellow Christians will reveal aspects of the Lord you’ve never seen. As we get to know our fellow pilgrims, as we hear them tell and retell their sordid stories while they’re bumbling along, we find they’ve experienced God in ways we haven’t. They’ve seen revelations we’ve never imagined. Over time, all these very different visions merge into a greater portrait of him than we’d ever otherwise behold.

Your fellow churchgoers will inspire and comfort you. Sure, some Christians will let you down, because they’re human and that’s what humans do. But you’ll also find disciples who’ll sit beside you in court when your kid’s up on drug charges, and who’ll hold your hand when your spouse is lying in a coffin, and who’ll bring you soup when you’re sick with the flu. When everything’s going wrong, they’ll assure you it’s going to be OK in the end, because they — and God — have your back.

To the extent you honor your church, you honor Christ. “In as much as you’ve done it to the least of these my brothers and sisters,” Jesus said, “you’ve done it unto me.” When you dishonor or ignore his church, you’re dishonoring or ignoring him.

You’ll get plenty of laughs. You’ll sing and pray, sure. You’ll snore. You’ll grow fidgety. But as much as anything, you’ll experience joy — and mirth. Each church is a microcosm of the human comedy. When you’re not cussing about it, the sheer surreal madness of it just leaves you clutching your rib cage, shaking with laughter, tears of gratitude streaming down your cheeks.

There May Be A Few Good Scholars on the ‘Jesus: His Life’ series, But Joel Osteen Is Calling It His Own

Joel is on GMA this morning talking about ‘his’ series on the life of Jesus airing over the next few weeks.  The Houston Chronicle also has a tiny, unreflective fluff piece on the series, featuring Joel, Joel, Joel.

As a reminder- Osteen is a heretic who preaches the ‘prosperity gospel’, a false gospel which earns him nothing but to be anathematized.

“Jesus: His Life” — a high-production-value documentary about the life of Jesus — will begin airing March 25 on the History channel. Among its executive producers is Joel Osteen, pastor of Houston’s Lakewood megachurch.

The documentary will recount the life of Jesus in a format similar to a “Behind the Music” or “30 for 30.” Each week until Easter, two episodes will air back-to-back, describing the life of Jesus through a combination of scenes with professional actors and interviews with Christian ministers and theologians, including Osteen.

Breaking news, Houston Chronicle, Osteen isn’t a Christian theologian.

I won’t be watching.  You’re free to enjoy the annoyance if you wish.  I’m sure a few of the talking heads will do it right.  Whether or not what they actually said, though, is edited for Joel Osteen-ian content will remain to be seen.

An Astonishment

It is an astonishing thing to watch Christians, week after week, abandon worship of the Lord God Almighty for the most trivial things.  And then watch those same Christians wonder at the state of the world.

Terrorism in Utrecht?

Good heavens.  What a world.

Police in the Netherlands say a shooting which has injured multiple people in Utrecht may have had a “terrorist motive” –  BBC News

Des Pfarrers Hochzeit

Zwinglis Biografie beginnt recht gewöhnlich: Aufgewachsen im Toggenburg, Lateinschulen und Studium in Bern, Basel und Wien. Ab 1506 war er Pfarrer in Glarus. Er schloss Ehen, taufte, predigte, bestattete und nahm Beichten ab. Er setzte sich für eine neue Schule ein, er trieb einen Holzsplitter auf, der aus dem Kreuz Jesu stammen soll, und er riet kriegslustigen jungen Glarnern, sich besser vom Papst anwerben zu lassen, als von den Franzosen. Schliesslich machte sich Zwingli sein eigenes Bild: 1515 stand er ernüchtert auf dem Schlachtfeld von Marignano  – und predigte von da an gegen das Söldnerwesen.

1516 erschien Erasmus’ neue Übersetzung der Bibel. Erasmus vertrat, was Zwingli selbst an der Kirche störte. Zwingli begann, gegen Wallfahrten zu predigen, gegen den Ablass, gegen katholische Grundsätze. 1519 wurde er Priester am Zürcher Grossmünster. Die Zürcher Obrigkeit stützte seine Positionen und in der Bevölkerung kamen seine verständlichen und engagierten Predigten gut an. 1522 wurden aus Worten Taten: Zwingli war anwesend, als im Haus seines Druckers das Fastengebot demonstrativ gebrochen und Fleisch gegessen wurde. Ein Jahr danach wurde Zwingli der Ketzerei bezichtigt, woraufhin die Regierung ihn und seine Widersacher zur «Disputation» vorlud. Zwingli gewann und predigte als Nächstes gegen die Bilderverehrung. Es folgte 1523 eine zweite Disputation, die Zwingli erneut gewann. Daraufhin verschwanden die Bilder aus den Zürcher Kirchen und die Messe wurde abgeschafft. Wenige Montag später heiratete Zwingli Anna Reinhart, mit der er seit Jahren in wilder Ehe gelebt hatte.

Etc. Do enjoy.

Quote of the Day

Clear and sure knowledge of the truth is not a thing to let itself be deceived by the artifice of words. –  Huldrych Zwingli