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Theological Garbage

Show us the scriptural justification for this. Show us the theological justification for this.

We aren’t called to worship sports or coffee or escape rooms. People called pagans worship those things so Christians who replace worship with them are also pagans.

How White Supremacy Operates

Quote of the Day

Princes sin and the people suffer for it. –  Matthew Henry

White Supremacy is a Bigger Threat to the West than Al Qaeda or ISIS

Because these monstrous terrorists are home grown.

The Alt-Right is Anti Christian

First Things seldom gets it correct- but this time they did. And it’s as true now as then.

There is nothing Christian about white nationalism. In fact, it is a denial of the Gospel and a rejection of the love of God and there isn’t a Christian theologian or biblical scholar that would dispute that.

When You’re a White Right Wing Murderer, They Treat You Better in The Media Than If You’re Brown

Quote of the Day

“The punishments of hell differ in degree, according to the quality and measure of sins.” — Hollazius

More Shocking Revelations from NT Wright! #RevelationsGate

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NT Wright, Again, On #RevelationsGate


#ICYMI- Tom Wright Called ‘Revelation’ ‘Revelations’

Dear Tom, just so you know, it’s not ‘Revelations’… It’s Revelation.  Apparently NT Wright isn’t sure of the title of the book.  In this video, at 4:23, he calls the Book of Revelation the “Book of Revelations”.  How sad.  F-

Calvin on Henry VIII

In a letter to Farel, Calvin remarks

“The King is only half wise. He prohibits, under severe penalties, besides depriving them of the ministry, the priests and bishops who enter upon matrimony; he retains the daily masses; he wishes the seven sacraments to remain as they are. In this way he has a mutilated and torn gospel, and a church stuffed full as yet with many toys and trifles. Then he does not suffer the Scripture to circulate in the language of the common people throughout the kingdom, and he has lately put forth a new verdict by which he warns the people against the reading of the Bible. He lately burned a worthy and learned man [John Lambert] for denying the carnal presence of Christ in the bread. Our friends, however, though sorely hurt by atrocities of this kind, will not cease to have an eye to the condition of his kingdom.”

Semantics of Ancient Hebrew Database

One to add to the ‘Useful Sites’ section of the sidebar.

The Semantics of Ancient Hebrew Database project aims to provide a structured and critical survey of scholarly literature on the vocabulary of classical Hebrew. As it grows, it will offer an in-depth resource to complement traditional dictionaries, and also provide pointers to further research. This international, cooperative project involves a growing number of research centres with coordination provided by Leiden.

The Birthday of Georg Strecker

Georg Strecker, New Testament scholar supreme, was born on the 15th of March, 1929- making today the anniversary of his birth (and he died on the 11th of June, 1994).  He was a student of Rudolf Bultmann’s and he took up a teaching post at Bonn after he finished his studies in 1968.  He then moved to Göttingen where he assumed the chair previously occupied by none less than Joachim Jeremias.

Over the course of his career he traveled widely, lecturing in Europe, North America, and Japan.  His bibliography is more than a little impressive.  Especially good is his New Testament Theology, which you really ought to read.  In fact, in order of the three best ever written Bultmann’s is first, Hahn’s is second, and Strecker’s is third.

So, to the good Professor, Happy Birthday!

Quote of the Day: #ChristchurchMosqueShooting

Mass slaughter does not happen in a vacuum; dehumanizing rhetoric inspires bigoted violence. If we stand against Muslims being murdered as they pray, we must stop elevating voices that demonize that prayer. They do not belong on our airwaves, in pulpits or in public office. – Serene Jones

Amen 10,000 times.

The Biblical Philologist

49 People Have Been Killed in A Mosque in New Zealand

This is godlessness at its most vile: the murder of innocent people for hate’s sake.

Four people are in custody after 40 people were killed and 20 more were seriously injured in shootings at two mosques in the New Zealand city of Christchurch.

New Zealand Police said there had been “multiple fatalities” following what they described as a “tragic series of events” in the Canterbury region on Friday.


Update: The death toll is now 49.