How Leanne, The Woman Who Was Scratched By A Panther, is Every Exvangelical

A woman who was attacked by a jaguar at a zoo in Arizona has insisted that she has learned her lesson after leaning over the barrier – but advised the zoo to review their safety standards.

Pay attention to what she says- she learned her lesson, but the zoo….  That is, it’s really the zoo’s fault that she got too close to the panther.

Only identified as Leanne, she has spoken out for the first time, saying that the big cat took a swipe at her arm when she leaned through the safety fence, and put her arm in front of it with her camera.

Speaking to CBS News, she said: “The black jaguar was up against the fence we happened to be walking by and said ‘hey, let’s get some good pictures’.

“I was in the wrong for leaning over the barrier, but I think the zoo should consider moving their fence back.”

No, Leanne, the zoo doesn’t need to move the fence, you need to abandon your sense of entitlement and your belief that instead of abiding by rules as they exist, rules must be changed to accommodate themselves to you.

Leanne is every exvangelical.  ‘Change the rules to what I want them to be and I’ll abide by them.  If you don’t, I’ll just do something stupid and then blame you for my doing it and leave in a huff’.

If ever there were an exvangelical parable, this is it.