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‘Elite’? Meh. If you Accept Bribes, You Aren’t Elite at All, Are You Precious

Let’s be honest- we can’t and shouldn’t use the phrase ‘top colleges’ or the phrase ‘elite university’ of any institution that accepts bribes to admit less than stellar students.   Stop calling Harvard and Yale  and the rest of the bribe-ees … Continue reading

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Quote of the Year

“Amazing that those kids were brought up with all of the privilege in the world and still needed a criminal fraud scheme to get into the top colleges”. –  Matt Rogers

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How Leanne, The Woman Who Was Scratched By A Panther, is Every Exvangelical

A woman who was attacked by a jaguar at a zoo in Arizona has insisted that she has learned her lesson after leaning over the barrier – but advised the zoo to review their safety standards. Pay attention to what … Continue reading

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50 Rich Folk Arrested for Bribing Universities to Admit their Kids…

Good grief.   I hope they arrest the college admissions officers who took the bribes too. Actresses and chief executives are among 50 people arrested in a nationwide college admissions cheating scam, according to court records unsealed in Boston Tuesday. Those … Continue reading

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Half a shekel and 2 unlikely messiahs

Originally posted on Newman Research Centre for the Bible and its Reception:
Students of religion and politics have had a mountain of material to consider recently. One particularly notable theme is the use of Christian/biblical language by the Trump administration…

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I long for the day that we treat gun manufacturers like we do airlines.

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Martin Luther: On Those Ignoramuses Troubled By The Differences in the Gospels

A Christian man should not be troubled at all that Matthew, Luke, John, Paul, Peter, etc., describe Christ differently, since we see that they agree in the main thing. And what an injustice it would be to demand that they … Continue reading

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Happy Birthiversary, World Wide Web

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The Church Business Meeting

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