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You reap what you sow.– St Paul

Signs of the Times


Signs of the Times

My New Book on Bonhoeffer is Free for a limited Time!

In fact, it is below:

Bonhoeffer stinks, his theology is lame, and you would do better to read Servetus than him.

This book may be freely distributed.

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Daylight Saving Time= Murderer

DST literally kills people.

If you think of the switch to daylight saving time at all, you probably just consider it an annoyance that causes you to lose some sleep or be late for lunch because you forgot to reset the clock in your living room. But when scientists carefully look at the consequences of setting the clocks ahead an hour each year, they discover a host of almost unbelievably scary facts.

The first of those is the cost of the change in human lives. Yes, that’s right. Daylight saving time seems like a tiny thing, but according to rigorous studies, it’s actually a killer. As sleep researcher Matthew Walker explains in his book Why We Sleep, losing just an hour of sleep stresses the cardiovascular system, which can tip some folks with heart issues over the edge. That’s why the number of heart attacks tick up significantly the day after we set the clocks ahead.

A similar trend appears when scientists look at accident statistics. One lost hour doesn’t seem enough to cause drowsy driving, but if that were really the case, why then does the number of traffic accidents shoot up the day after daylight saving time begins in both the northern and southern hemispheres? Deadly industrial accidents also rise sharply. Experts are convinced that lost hour of sleep is far more consequential than most of us imagine.


Zwingli For Today

reformers1.jpgThe promiscuous pairing of animals, even in our judgment, is not base, though such pairing of human beings is most base. But what is it that absolves them but condemns us? The Law. For by the divine law we are confined within the barriers of matrimony.— Huldrych Zwingli