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The American Injustice System Strikes Again

@robferdman — Paul Manafort, who was convicted of 8 felonies, just got less jail time (47 months or 3 years and 11 months) than people in New York State get for selling small amounts of weed (4 years for 25 grams).

Manafort has committed serious crimes against this country. Very serious crimes. He’s been convicted of those crimes. And the ‘judge’ in this case just sent him off with a slap on the hand.


A New Critical Approach to the History of Palestine

A new volume by Ingrid Hjelm and Thomas Thompson, et al-

A New Critical Approach to the History of Palestine offers a comprehensive, evidence-based history of Palestine with a critical use of recent historical, archaeological and anthropological methods. This history is not an exclusive history, but one that is ethnically and culturally inclusive, a history of and for all peoples who have lived in Palestine. After an introductory essay offering a strategy for creating coherence and continuity from the earliest beginnings to the present, the volume presents twenty articles from 22 contributors, 16 of whom are of Middle Eastern origin or relation.

Split thematically into four parts, the volume discusses ideology, national identity and chronology in various historiographies of Palestine and the legacy of memory and oral history; the transient character of ethnicity in Palestine, and questions regarding the ethical responsibilities of archaeologists and historians to protect the multi-ethnic cultural heritage of Palestine; landscape and memory, and the values of community archaeology and bio-archaeology; and an exploration of the “ideology of the land” and its influence on Palestine’s history and heritage.

The first in a series of books under the auspices of the Palestine History and Heritage Project (PaHH), the volume offers a challenging new departure for writing the history of Palestine and Israel throughout the ages. A New Critical Approach to the History of Palestine explores the diverse history of the region against the backdrop of twentieth century scholarly construction of the history of Palestine as a history of a Jewish homeland, with roots in an ancient, biblical Israel, and examines the implications of this ancient and recent history for archaeology and cultural heritage. The book offers a fascinating new perspective for students and academics in the fields of anthropological, political, cultural and biblical history.

BNTS is On the Twitter

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The Doctrine of Providence as Source of Comfort

The Christian, then, being most fully persuaded, that all things come to pass by the dispensation of God, and that nothing happens fortuitously, will always direct his eye to him as the principal cause of events, at the same time paying due regard to inferior causes in their own place. Next, he will have no doubt that a special providence is awake for his preservation, and will not suffer anything to happen that will not turn to his good and safety. But as its business is first with men and then with the other creatures, he will feel assured that the providence of God reigns over both.  — John Calvin.

On #WorldBookDay the Book of Kells is Now Online

Find the details here.

If you know nothing else about medieval European illuminated manuscripts, you surely know the Book of Kells. “One of Ireland’s greatest cultural treasures” comments Medievalists.net, “it is set apart from other manuscripts of the same period by the quality of its artwork and the sheer number of illustrations that run throughout the 680 pages of the book.” The work not only attracts scholars, but almost a million visitors to Dublin every year. “You simply can’t travel to the capital of Ireland,” writes Book Riot’s Erika Harlitz-Kern, “without the Book of Kells being mentioned. And rightfully so.”

The ancient masterpiece is a stunning example of Hiberno-Saxon style, thought to have been composed on the Scottish island of Iona in 806, then transferred to the monastery of Kells in County Meath after a Viking raid (a story told in the marvelous animated film The Secret of Kells). Consisting mainly of copies of the four gospels, as well as indexes called “canon tables,” the manuscript is believed to have been made primarily for display, not reading aloud, which is why “the images are elaborate and detailed while the text is carelessly copied with entire words missing or long passages being repeated.”


A Short Note About Logos 8

I’ve recently been enjoying the most recent update to Logos and I have to say, quite sincerely, that I like it very much.  It is, for me, much easier to navigate and much more intuitive in its layout and presentation.

It seems to load faster, it seems to execute updates to books and datasets faster, and it seems to consume less of the computer’s CPU whilst running than earlier iterations.

Now, mind you, I am not a computer scientist nor trained geek.  I can only relate, anecdotally, how things seem to me as I use the program each day (and I do use it each day).

That said, again, it seems much faster and less resource consumptive.

They have a little video you can watch, which explains all the new aspects of the program for you. And I’m sure there are still lots of things for me to discover about it as I use it. I will say that exporting texts and printing them is a lot easier in 8 than previously. Which I appreciate.

Anyway, I wanted to say that, in my so far limited experience with the program, it’s super. I quite like it.

If You’re In Britain And Looking for a Place to Study Theology

Newman is worthy of your consideration.  Susan Docherty is there and some guy named Richard Goode.  Pay them a visit.

How Lent is Being Turned Into a Focus on YOU… And Thus Meaningless

How come Lent is sounding more and more these days like nothing but a ‘self help’ or ‘self improvement’ fad instead of a spiritual discipline leading people to focus on CHRIST?

Lent isn’t about decluttering your life or becoming a better you….

Godless pagans…

Happy #WorldBookDay!

Signs of the Times

The 7 Things That God Hates

There are six things that Yahweh hates, seven that he abhors:

  1. a haughty look,
  2. a lying tongue,
  3. hands that shed innocent blood,
  4. a heart that weaves wicked plots,
  5. feet that hurry to do evil,
  6. a false witness who lies with every breath,
  7. and one who sows dissension among brothers. — (Prov. 6:16-19)

Live your life so that you don’t make the list.

Luther: On Prayer

luther_glass“When we pray we have the advantage [of the promise] that what we ask will be granted, although not according to our wish. If it weren’t for the promise I wouldn’t pray. God does well, moreover, that he doesn’t give us everything as we wish, for otherwise we’d want to have everything on our own terms.

That our Lord God is the same in life and death I have often experienced. If our prayer is earnest it will be heard, even if not as and when we wish. This must be so or our faith is vain. Consequently it’s difficult to pray. I know well what a prayer requires of me. I haven’t committed adultery, but I’ve broken the first table against God’s Word and honor. On account of my great sins [against the first table] I can’t get to the others in the second table.” — Martin Luther

A Short Video for your Enjoyment