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Congratulations Are in Order

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The Problem With That Argument…

The problem with the ‘if it was ok for ________________’ (insert OT person) argument is that YOU AREN’T _____________!

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Oh Walmart…

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Eternal or Everlasting? An Observation

To be accurate the phrase ‘eternal life’ should only be used in connection with God.  God alone is eternal and thus he alone possesses eternal life (i.e., life without beginning or ending). Humans, on the other hand, can only be … Continue reading

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Come on, Thanos, Get Them

They deserve to cease to be.

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Remembering Martin Niemöller

Zum 35. Todestag von Martin Niemöller (*14. Januar 1892 in Lippstadt; †6. März 1984 in Wiesbaden) Martin Niemöller wurde am 14. Januar 1892 in Lippstadt geboren. Seit 1933 war er Mitbegründer, führendes Mitglied und kompromissloser Verfechter der Bekennenden Kirche. 1937 … Continue reading

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More Pentebabbleist Nutbaggery

Via the twitter.  I like how it has a shroud of Turin-esque quality…

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Signs of the Times

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Fun Facts from Church History: Luther’s Dread

Luther left the Wartburg on March 1, 1522, arriving at Wittenberg on March 6. One of the first things he did was to preach a series of eight sermons, during the week beginning March 9, in an effort to counteract … Continue reading

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Go Ahead, Luther, Cheer Me Up…

The children of God have all the afflictions. The ungodly children of Satan enjoy the highest state of well-being. Everything seems the opposite of what it should be. The godly are maltreated, the ungodly receive gifts. In this vein the … Continue reading

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The Anniversary of the Death of Zacharias Ursinus, The Author of the Heidelberg Catechism

A reforming theologian, Ursinus was born Breslau in 1534 and studied at Wittenberg from 1550 to 1557. He then moved to Geneva for further study and from there took a teaching post in his native city of Breslau. His doctrine … Continue reading

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Zwingli Didn’t Actually Like, or Eat Sausage

Though he didn’t mind others who did… via

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