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Quote of the Day

“Don’t argue with apologists. They’re trying not to learn”. — Ian Mills

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Michael Servetus Celebrates Ash Wednesday…

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Jerry Falwell Jr Wants Muslims to be Killed

We have now reached the point where Falwell has publicly renounced Christianity. If you admire him, support him, or defend him, you are a partner in his evil.

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Lent With Minimal Effort; Or, Lent for People Who are Only Committed Christians For About a Month

Amateurs give up things for Lent that are near and dear to their hearts. Professionals give up meaningless things in order to look holy with the smallest possible effort. See the difference? Pick something off this list that you either hate or don’t use anyway, and … Continue reading

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Another ‘Good Guy With a Gun’… As it Were…

Perhaps the good guys with guns should learn how to use them?  Or perhaps this is just God’s judgment. A 46-year-old man accidentally shot himself in a genital Thursday after a gun slipped from his waistband, police said.  Marion Police … Continue reading

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A Stunning Stat

Via Candler School of Theology, Emory University-

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Jim *The Septuagintizer* Aitken is Finally on the Twitter

Follow him-

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The Invention of Lent

The number 40 [as the observed days of Lent] was not made up in the Latin Church until the 7th century, when the four days from Ash Wednesday to the First Sunday in Lent were added, a practice first attested … Continue reading

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Conference Announcement: “Let me Hear Your Voice! The Song of Songs, Women and Public Discourse”

‘I am just writing to share a quick note about an upcoming conference at the University of Chicago Divinity School this June that may be of interest to SOTS members.  The conference, “Let me Hear Your Voice! The Song of … Continue reading

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Free Access to the Journal for the Study of Judaism

*Free access to JSJ* To celebrate the 50th Volume of the Journal for the Study of #Judaism, selected articles from the past 50 Volumes will be available for free downloading during 2019. For the free articles visit https://www2.brill.com/JSJ50

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I Think NT Wright’s Stuff Comes From Fishgut Too…

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Every Emergent Church

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