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Conform, or Else…

Culture is trending to conformity not freedom. Coercion by consensus is becoming more and more the norm.  By the middle of the century all acts and thoughts will be forced to conformity and nonconformity will be the one sin unforgivable.

Cheering You Up one Post at a Time

“The fourth [consequence of sin] is referred to as eternal death. In this life, terrors and anguish of the guilty mind are a foreshadowing of this, the desolation of the spirit bereft of any divine comfort, and an awareness of divine wrath under the weight of which the wretched soul crumples. Then comes the soul’s entry into the place of tortures.” — Herman Witsius

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Me, When People Say they are Spiritual

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Happy Birthiversary, Flaccy…

I call him Flaccy…

Women and the Right to Vote

Here’s a very interesting map.


‘The legacy for cowards, for those who break their word, or worship obscenities, for murderers and the sexually immoral, and for sorcerers, worshippers of false gods or any other sort of liars, is the second death in the burning lake of sulphur.‘ (Rev. 21:8)

The Publication of the Proceedings of the First Zurich Disputation

The Young Zwingli

It only took a couple of months after the First Zurich Disputation concluded (in January, 1523) for the proceedings to be printed and published by Froschauer at the direction of the Council (on 3 March).

The First Zurich Disputation was the apex of years of work and it was at the same time the victory of the new Reformed theology over the old Catholic faith.  The dispute was conducted in German (instead of Latin) and published in the same.  It opens

Handlung der versamlung in der löblichen statt Zürich uff den 29. tag jenners vonn wegen des heyligen euangelii zwischen der ersamen treffenlichen bottschafft von Costentz, Huldrichen Zwingli, predigers des euangelii Christi und gemeiner priesterschafft des gantzen gebiets der egenanten statt Zürich vor geseßnem radt beschehen im 1523. jar.

The entire thing is a delightful read- and it even includes brilliant flashes of humor and levity.