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Evil Rulers Are Surrounded by Evil Advisors

It is impossible that where a Prince or Potentate is ungodly, there should not be ungodly Counsellors. As is the master, such are also his servants. And this followeth necessarily, and is certain. Solomon saith, “A master that hath pleasure in lying, his servants are ungodly: it faileth not.” — Luther

Another Unarmed Black Man Killed by Cops Who Will Face no Punishment…

The American injustice system strikes again.


Damnable evil-

Quote of the Day

What they say: “Do you eat bacon and wear polyester? Because the Bible forbids those too!”

What they mean: “I have no intelligible hermeneutic with which to interpret these sacred texts that I don’t believe in. Please just ignore me, as my views lack any foundation whatsoever.”  – Fr. Brendon Laroche

Luther’s Low View of Singers and Hypocrites and Idolaters

Hypocrites and idolaters are of the same quality with singers, who will scarce sing when asked to do so, but, when not desired, begin, and never leave off. Even so with the false workers of holiness; when God orders them to obey his commands, which are to love one’s neighbour, to help him with advice, with lending, giving, admonishing, comforting, &c., no man can bring them to this; but, on the contrary, they stick to that which they themselves make choice of, pretending that this is the best way to honour and serve God—a great delusion of theirs.

They plague and torment their bodies with fasting, praying, singing, reading, hard lying, &c.; they affect great humility and holiness, and do all these things with vast zeal, fervency, and incessant devotion. But such as the service and work is, such will also the reward be, as Christ himself says: “In vain do they worship me, teaching for doctrine the commandments of men.” — Martin Luther

Oh Travis… You Didn’t Mention it was A Baby Mountain Lion, Did you….

Turns out the jogger who strangled that mountain lion only strangled a cub about 3 months old…

Yeah that’s terrifying…


Fun Facts From Church History: The Publication of Erasmus’ Greek New Testament and Zwingli

You may not know this, but Erasmus’ edition of the GNT appeared on the 2nd of March, 1516.  Zwingli made a copy, by hand of course, of the Letters of Paul that same year.  Interestingly, and significantly, those marginal notes demonstrate that Zwingli was moving towards reform then (in 1516) before anyone had ever heard the name of Luther.