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For am I now seeking the approval of man, or of God? Or am I trying to please man? If I were still trying to please man, I would not be a servantb of Christ. – Paul

Why is Health Insurance So Expensive?

Because guys like this earn 19 million dollars a year…  And that’s why he owns so many lawmakers.  Your money isn’t going for insurance coverage, it’s going for salaries.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan disclosed Friday that it paid its top executive a record amount of money last year as he guided the state’s largest health insurer to strong overall financial results.

Total compensation for Daniel Loepp, CEO of Blue Cross since 2006, hit $19.2 million in 2018. That was up from his $13.4 million payday in 2017 and $9 million in 2015.

Loepp is now among the five highest-paid CEOs of any Blue Cross Blue Shield insurer in the nation.

“We are keeping health care affordable to the best of our ability here in Michigan,” Blue Cross spokesman Andy Hetzel told reporters Friday. “We think he earns the money that he makes.”


NO ONE is worth that much money a year.  No one.

What a stinking racket, made possible by your lawmakers, America.

If True, the Lot of them Are Hellbound Idolaters

Because if that’s what was said, and how they reacted, there wasn’t a Christian in the crowd.

Quote of the Year

“Do [Republicans] think that having anesthetized their moral sense — they will simply turn it on again down the road? Having turned off their soul at work, do they think they will be able to turn it on again when they go home to the spouse and kids?”  — David Brooks

Hard Left, Hard Right? Same Thing

Both are equally disinterested in real dialogue and instead only accept dominance.

If there were a left wing version of CPAC it would be just as well attended.

If anyone suggests otherwise they’re a liar.

Lent: For When You Want to Ignore Scripture

Moreover, when you fast, do not be like the hypocrites, with a sad countenance. For they disfigure their faces that they may appear to men to be fasting. Assuredly, I say to you, they have their reward.

But you, when you fast, anoint your head and wash your face, so that you do not appear to men to be fasting, but to your Father who is in the secret place; and your Father who sees in secret will reward you openly. – Jesus

Forget Unplugging, Let’s Get to Excommunicating

#NationalDayOfExcommunicating  – co-founded by Chris Tilling, myself, and every decent person.

Cast the godless out, friends.  Cast them out.

Luther on Lent

luther_zwingliThis declaration and judgment must be firmly grasped, for it is powerful and overthrows with forcefulness all teaching, custom, and mode of life that distinguishes between foods. It liberates all consciences from all laws concerning food and drink. So it is allowable to eat milk, butter, eggs, cheese, and meat any day, be it Sunday or Friday, Lent or Advent; and no one needs to pay butter money or buy letters for that purpose. For this word stands firm and does not deceive, “What goes into the mouth does not defile a man.” — Martin Luther


The very fact that some people seem to think that ‘unplugging’ is some sort of ‘sacrifice’ shows just how bereft our society is of actual sacrifice; and how unfamiliar it is with its practice.

Apparently Even Classicists Have Smack Downs

As this tale of woe relates.  And here I thought Classicists were genteel and sweet.  Oops.  Not so.  Even they have the politically correct warriors brandishing weapons when they feel it’s right.

Thank heaven we don’t have such silliness in biblical studies…

The Bankruptcy of Philosophical Theology

lutherSome wag said to Luther, whilst discussing difficult theological concepts-

“It is asserted in the Creed, ‘he descended into hell.’”

Luther responded,

“This must be believed. We can’t understand it. That’s the way it is. There will be debate about how the Trinity is in the unity (when there’s no relation between the infinite and the finite), how nature can produce such a strange marvel as a God-man, etc. [While occupied thus with disputation] men will let the article concerning justification go.

If only we would study in the meantime how to believe and pray and become godly! We’re not content with that which we can understand and insist on disputing about something higher, which we can’t possibly understand and which our Lord God doesn’t want us to understand. That’s the way human nature is. It wishes to do what is forbidden; the rest it ignores and then starts asking, Why? Why? Why?

This is what happens when philosophy is introduced into theology. When the devil went to Eve with the question Why? the game was up. One should be on one’s guard against this. It’s better to fall on one’s knees and pray an Our Father. This will help more. “Dear Lord God, protect us from the devil, and also from ourselves!”

There’s something glorious in simplicity and honesty that eclipses pretensions to false knowledge.

Biblical Studies Carnival 155 (January 2019)

Sign up to do a carnival, ya nerds…

Reading Acts

Jim West cosplaying his favorite reformer

Jim West, the grand old veteran of Biblical Studies Carnivals, posted a fine collection of links at Zwinglius Redivivus. You can follow Jim on Twitter, @drjewest. Jim is off to attend the Zwingli Conference, celebrating Zwingli’s arrival in Zurich 500 years ago, so we will all be treated to photos of his hotel room and the book room for the conference. (Seriously, I live for the book room pics…)

Brian Small had a few Hebrews Highlights for January 2019 at Polumeros kai Polutropos.

Unless I hear from somebody soon, Reading Acts will host the February Carnival, then Spencer Robinson at  Spoiled Milks (@spoiledmilks) has March 2019 (Due April 1).

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Ad Theobaldi Billicani et Urbani Rheii epistolae responsio

zwingliThe Lord’s Supper occupied Zwingli from 1522 onwards with things coming to a head at Marburg in 1529.  Between these two critical dates amidst disputing with the Papists and the Anabaptists, Zwingli had to explain to friends and foes his view.

On 1 March 1526 Zwingli published his Ad Theobaldi Billicani et Urbani Rheii epistolae responsio. Here Zwingli glosses a letter from Billican and writes a letter to him and Urban in order to describe more fully not only his views but to point out their errors.

It’s a pleasant read. Enjoy.

If Your Dogs Maul Someone to Death, You Should Be Charged with Murder

Her voice was so low it was almost hard to make out the words she was saying, her face looked tired, her eyes looked heavy. All Nina Brown wanted was to have her sister Jill back. There’s a quiet and stillness that encompassed the room around the two of us. The kind that you only experience when you walk into the home of a person who has recently passed away. Nina Brown, 85, is wearing a lime green vest as she looks across the kitchen table at me and begins to unravel the gut-wrenching details of her sister’s final moments on this earth.

It was Tuesday evening. Jill Peterson noticed her gutters were overflowing from a week’s worth of heavy rain. The 88-year-old longtime waitress went out to the back of her home on Evans Lane in Pall Mall, Tennessee to try to clear a drainage ditch. She never saw the pack of six German Shepherds coming at her. The next few minutes were a hellish nightmare for the elderly woman who could do nothing to stop their vicious attack.

“They dragged her down the yard and all of her clothes were off, her shoes, everything. They tore all of her hair out, the casket can’t be open, it’s like a nightmare. It’s hard to believe,” Nina said, her voiced cracked under the weight of the sadness you can see in her eyes. Nina Brown tried to get to her sister in the backyard but quickly had to retreat inside, “Three of the dogs came after me. They started after me and I had to call 911.” Paramedics quickly arrived and got Jill Peterson into an ambulance. Her wounds from the brutal attack were so severe that the 88-year-old had to be air lifted by helicopter to Vanderbilt University Medical Center. …

Compounding her pain is the prior incidents that were reported to authorities over the years. The dogs belong to a neighbor who lives behind Jill Peterson. District Attorney Bryant Dunaway says it is possible the dog’s owner could face homicide charges. “This is a very sad situation. Once we gather the fact we’ll determine if there’s criminal liability or not,” Dunaway said in an interview on Thursday. All of the dogs were euthanized after the attack and are being examined by a vet.

When dogs have a history of attacking people and you don’t control and contain them, and they kill someone, you should be charged with murder. Your dog isn’t more important than a person.

The Woodcuts of the 1531 Zurich Bible

Jerome’s Advice to Fathers of Daughters

Amen and amen, good St. Jerome!

jerome3When you go a short way into the country, do not leave your daughter behind you. Leave her no power or capacity of living without you, and let her feel frightened when she is left to herself. Let her not converse with people of the world or associate with virgins indifferent to their vows.

Let her not be present at the weddings of your slaves and let her take no part in the noisy games of the household.

As regards the use of the bath, I know that some are content with saying that a Christian virgin should not bathe along with eunuchs or with married women, with the former because they are still men at all events in mind, and with the latter because women with child offer a revolting spectacle.

For myself, however, I wholly disapprove of baths for a virgin of full age. Such an one should blush and feel overcome at the idea of seeing herself undressed. By vigils and fasts she mortifies her body and brings it into subjection. By a cold chastity she seeks to put out the flame of lust and to quench the hot desires of youth. And by a deliberate squalor she makes haste to spoil her natural good looks. Why, then, should she add fuel to a sleeping fire by taking baths?

See?  It’s stuff like that which endears Jerome to my Jerome-esque heart.

Grad Student Work is Stolen by Lazy Profs All the Time…

And anyone who has been around higher ed knows it.

We all know profs who have grad students do research and writing and then slap their own names on it and publish it.

It’s the worst kept ‘secret’ in academia.