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When You Crave Publicity So Much That You Lie About Being a Victim of a Hate Crime…

You may be Jussie Smollett


People not in the habit of attending bible study, Sunday school, and worship will never be in the habit until they get in the habit.  That’s the funny thing about habits.  You have to start them to have them.

It’s Rained So Much Here…

That killer whales are in the streets…

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‘For God’s Sake, Do Something Brave!’ – Zwingli

Big Pharma Owns Your Congressman, And is Murdering Americans

That’s why Americans are dying because they can’t afford basic medicines like insulin.  Let me put it more simply: big pharma is murdering Americans and your elected officials are co-conspirators in those murders.

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A Conference at Tyndale House, Cambridge

Exploring the Old Testament and its World

Join us Saturday 22 June 2019, for a day of teaching from Tyndale House researchers.

The Tyndale House Old Testament Conference is open to anyone with an interest in the Bible, no academic experience or qualifications are necessary.

All the details are here.

Coming Soon: An Interview with the Editor of the New Edition of the Zurich Bible

This new edition of the Zurich Bible came out in January and the editor has agreed to ‘sit down’ for an interview about the volume. I’m looking forward to sharing our exchange with you. More anon.

Die Ausgabe für das persönliche Bibelstudium und die Arbeit in der Gemeinde. Neu mit deuterokanonischen Schriften.

• mit deuterokanonischen Schriften
• mit Einleitungen und Glossar
• einspaltig
• Schriftgrösse 100 %

Andere einspaltige Ausgaben: Schulbibel rot, Leinen grün
Einspaltig mit grösserer Schrift: Leinen dunkelrot, Kunstbibel, Leinen rubinrot

2019, 2251 Seiten, 12.9 x 20.0 cm, Hardcover
ISBN 978-3-85995-256-0
ca. 19,90 €

It also comes in red.

Wahrheit – Glaube – Geltung: Theologische und philosophische Konkretionen

In einer Zeit, in der sich unterschiedliche und zuweilen widersprechende Wahrheiten nahezu täglich neu Geltung verschaffen, müssen die Wahrheits- und Geltungsansprüche des christlichen Glaubens überprüft und in einer steten Interpretation der biblischen Texte vergegenwärtigt werden. Sich in den vielfältigen Deutungen der Großbegriffe zu orientieren und theologische und philosophische Konkretionen zu formulieren, hat sich die 20. Jahrestagung der Rudolf-Bultmann-Gesellschaft für Hermeneutische Theologie zur Aufgabe gemacht. Der Sammelband dokumentiert deren Erträge.

20 Jahre waren auch Anlass für eine Rückschau. Neben zwei Beiträgen der beiden Vorsitzenden findet sich deshalb auch eine Übersicht zu den Vorstandsmitgliedern sowie zu den Themen und Vorträgen der Jahrestagungen. 

Mit Beiträgen von Volker Gerhardt, Corinna Körting, Michael Labahn, Malte Dominik Krüger, Isolde Karle, Ulrich H. J. Körtner und Christof Landmesser.

The Rudolf-Bultmann-Gesellschaft has met every year since 1998 and every year a volume of collected essays from that gathering has been published.    This volume is the 20th.

Indeed, the conference where these papers were delivered occurred exactly one year ago this week (the 19-21 of February, 2018).  They focus on the topic described in the book’s title, which was also the title of the gathering last year.  Following the introduction by the editors there are 7 essays- 5 on various subjects related to the conference theme, 2 which survey the history of the RBG and finally a summary of the contents of the volumes which the annual conference has produced.

The essays are uniformly well written but that by Malte Dominik Krüger is particularly engaging beginning, as it does, with a reference to and description of a Nespresso commercial featuring George Clooney and the discussion it engendered in Germany given it’s depiction of the afterlife.  When Krüger asks ‘Warum Heute Evangelisch Sein?’ his answer resonates not only with German society but with American too.

The last two essays take in turn the history of the RBG, first from 1998 to 2008 and second from 2008 to 2018.  The essays fully describe the conferences each year and mark the highlights and themes of those meetings.

Here are the contents:



As is the case with the previous volumes in this series, the present work is an excellent read; informative, helpful, and contemporary in terms of relevance.  Those unable to attend the annual meeting of the world’s only Rudolf Bultmann Society can ‘sit in’ through these essays as a ‘fly on the wall’ and hear some of the most groundbreaking theological material between the covers of a book.

I joyously recommend it.

Isis Bride…

Stay in Syria.  You aided and abetted murder.  Stay where you are, among your own people.

This is Where We Are


Condolences, Katie

February 20, 1546: Elector John Frederick wrote to Katie Luther to send his condolences for the death of Martin:

“Dear Special One,

“We have learned with deep sorrow that our dear devout Doctor Martin Luther has departed this life last Thursday. We do not doubt that the almighty God will be merciful to his soul. We try to gauge the immensity of your pain and sadness over Luther’s final departure. . . . Yet since none of us is able to oppose the gracious will of God almighty, who dealt with him so mercifully and kindly, we now commend him to the Lord. May it ease the burden of your grief and be a comfort to you that Luther departed this world as a Christian. For the sake of your husband we are ready to be at your and your children’s disposal and will not forsake you.” (Markwald, Rudolf: “Katharina Von Bora” pg. 174)

The Elector also took charge of all of the funeral arrangements. By this time the funeral procession from Eisleben to Wittenberg had begun.

The picture is of Elector John Frederick with the Reformers and is by Lucas Cranach the Younger.

-Rebecca DeGarmeaux