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When You Crave Publicity So Much That You Lie About Being a Victim of a Hate Crime…

You may be Jussie Smollett…

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It’s Rained So Much Here…

That killer whales are in the streets… via Don Grant

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‘For God’s Sake, Do Something Brave!’ – Zwingli

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Big Pharma Owns Your Congressman, And is Murdering Americans

That’s why Americans are dying because they can’t afford basic medicines like insulin.  Let me put it more simply: big pharma is murdering Americans and your elected officials are co-conspirators in those murders. Via facebook

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A Conference at Tyndale House, Cambridge

Exploring the Old Testament and its World Join us Saturday 22 June 2019, for a day of teaching from Tyndale House researchers. The Tyndale House Old Testament Conference is open to anyone with an interest in the Bible, no academic … Continue reading

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Coming Soon: An Interview with the Editor of the New Edition of the Zurich Bible

This new edition of the Zurich Bible came out in January and the editor has agreed to ‘sit down’ for an interview about the volume. I’m looking forward to sharing our exchange with you. More anon. Die Ausgabe für das … Continue reading

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Wahrheit – Glaube – Geltung: Theologische und philosophische Konkretionen

In einer Zeit, in der sich unterschiedliche und zuweilen widersprechende Wahrheiten nahezu täglich neu Geltung verschaffen, müssen die Wahrheits- und Geltungsansprüche des christlichen Glaubens überprüft und in einer steten Interpretation der biblischen Texte vergegenwärtigt werden. Sich in den vielfältigen Deutungen … Continue reading

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Isis Bride…

Stay in Syria.  You aided and abetted murder.  Stay where you are, among your own people.

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This is Where We Are


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