Fun Facts From Church History: Calvin Has Some Demands

Before he will return to Geneva, Calvin expects certain conditions to be met.

On February 19, 1541, he says to them, ‘I beg you to bethink yourselves of all the means of wisely constituting your church, that it may be ruled according to the command of our Lord.’† Calvin was therefore anxious to make the rulers at Geneva understand that one condition of his return was that the church should be well governed and morals well regulated. He did not wish to take anyone by surprise. If he is to be pastor at Geneva, he will reprove the disobedient, as the word of God commands.*

I wonder how many Presbyterian pastors tell churches they will come and smite the wicked…

*D’aubigné, J. H. M., History of the reformation in Europe in the time of Calvin (Vol. 7, p. 13).

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