Christoph Heilig’s Doctoral Dissertation: “Paul as Narrator/Paulus als Erzähler”

Christoph has posted the table of contents here.

I read through the book last year and in a very brief review would say of it that Heilig’s careful and meticulously crafted thorough examination of the work of NT Wright and Richard Hays is the clearest and most sustained critique of Pauline studies yet written.

Heilig’s masterful grasp of the material (both in its primary and secondary sources) is breathtaking. And whilst at times the pages turn slowly and readers are required to concentrate quite vigorously, such concentration is richly rewarded by the end of the tome.

It’s the work, in sum, of a genius and one of the most brilliant young minds presently at work in New Testament studies. Watch this young man, he is going to turn the theological world inside out.

And when his dissertation is published, and it will be, get it.

2 thoughts on “Christoph Heilig’s Doctoral Dissertation: “Paul as Narrator/Paulus als Erzähler”

  1. I look forward to this appearing.

    There are so many problems with Richard Hays’s views, but scarcely any substantive responses. He seems to get a free pass, no matter what he says. Hopefully Heilig’s book will open some eyes. And hopefully it will be translated into English.


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